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For the Love of Coffee

Updated on March 3, 2009

Coffee seems to be in our blood. We love drinking it and enjoying it. Many of us are even willing to pay a lot of money for it (even on a daily basis). So what is it about coffee that has become a part of who we are and how we function?


Coffee, by itself can offer a rich flavor that can reallly stimulate the taste buds. Many people all over the world (and more so in European countries then in the United States) enjoy the taste that coffee provides. For those who aren't really coffee lovers many enjoy other flavors mixed with the coffee. Sometimes the flavors added are sugar or sweeteners and cream or milk, but they can get fancier then that. With the fancier coffee options comes a whole new world. Welcome to the world of the latte, complete with lost of calories and tons of options. These coffees taste sweet, rich, and often delicious. People enjoy them in the same way that they do a hot chocolate or other yummy drink.


But unlike many other drinks that we enjoy, coffee has another added element to the reason we drink so much of it. Coffee has a large quantity of caffeine in it. For many this causes addiction in addition to enjoying the coffee. This addiction can make it difficult to have a day without our favorite caffeinated drinks. It should also be noted that while decaffeinated coffee has a lot less caffeine in it, it still contains some caffeine.


While the flavor of coffee drinks and often the caffeine it contains has a lot to do with the love of coffee, part of it is also the culture in which you come from. Many cultures are tea drinking cultures while others are coffee drinking ones. Your culture and the look that a specific drink is given in the culture often makes choosing the drink with the best image easier.

American exampes. While tea is consumed in America, it is often viewed as a more feminine drink or a drink to have while at a Chinese restaurant. Coffee has a bigger place. Iced tea has its place in certain regions and if consumed in large amounts as well. But coffee is still there each morning and at each coffee shop on the corner!

People around the world love coffee because it offers great taste, a good routine, and a touch of addiction. Coffee offers a lot of different styles to be brewed and served and many of us have our favorites. Whether you are one who enjoyes an occassional cup of coffee or are a regular coffee drinker, it is something that many people have in common.


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  • Dame Scribe profile image

    Dame Scribe 8 years ago from Canada

    I love coffee! great info! :) I even have a espresso machine now. My sons love the stuff now too, lol