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Four Key Ingredients of a Healthy Sandwich

Updated on April 14, 2013

After having lunch, most of the Pakistani people want something to eat with tea in the evening. Most of the women are so much tired till the evening that they don't want to prepare some extra stuff as a supper. In such cases, sandwiches could be the best possible solution.

Sandwiches are healthy, nutritious, and as well as tasty. If you choose low calorie ingredients, you would get light supper, and won't get a heavy stomach. They are also easy to prepare and you don't have to spend hours in kitchen to make these sandwiches.

By using your creativity, you can use a number of ingredients to make a sandwich. But, always try to choose any key ingredient from the following list:

- Whole wheat bread

- Low calorie toppings

- Low calorie sauces

-Vegetables, fruits, salads, or legumes


Whole grain products are far more nutritious than the processed food available in the market. Whole wheat is higher in fiber, and if you eat it slowly, there are high chances that you won't get hungry quickly. It is because it fills you quickly and stay in your body for longer.

Whole wheat rolls, breads, and toasts are available in the market that you can use as alternatives of each other. It is also possible that there are other varieties available in your area.

Low Calorie Toppings:

No sandwich could be complete without cheese. But try to use low calorie cheese in your sandwich, so it would not become a giant calorie snack for you. To make it low calorie, use low-calorie margarine instead of butter. Low fat cottage cheese can be used as a topping by adding some spices to it.

You can also use cooked meat or chicken of the previous day as a topping in your sandwich. Canned tuna, and salmonella can also be used as a topping with slices of onion and freshly ground black pepper.

Low calorie Sauces:

Topping is another essential part of a tasty sandwich. Use low-fat mayonnaise. Try not to use ready made sauces, as they may contain high amount of sugar. You can use tomato ketchup or sauce, but apply a thin layer on whole wheat bread, roll, or whatever you are using.

You can also make sauces at home. Try to make and use salsa with the help of canned tomatoes, onions, and green peppers.

Vegetables, Fruits, Salads, or Legumes:

You should also add some healthy stuff on your sandwiches. Salad leaves are easy to use, you can also use already-cooked vegetables on your meat sandwiches by mashing them with a fork. If you like a sweet taste in sandwiches, you can add fruits, like slices of pineapple, or peach.

You can use a number of different options while making a sandwich. You can grill your roll, or bake your sandwich. You can make it even easier for yourself by allowing people to have customized sandwiches. Just put everything on the table and people would make sandwich by their own choice.


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