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Free Recipes by Mail

Updated on October 1, 2012

Looking for some great new recipe ideas? The following companies and organizations are offering free recipe booklets and brochures by mail. These special offers can provide you with creative new ways to use simple ingredients that you can find easily, or may even have in your pantry!

Free California Olive Recipes

Sign up here to receive your free copy of Eating Well With California Ripe Olives, featuring recipes created by Eating Well magazine. This booklet is provided by the California Olive council.

Free California Walnut Recipes

You can request a variety of free materials from the California Walnut Council, including Seasonal Walnut Recipes, Walnuts for Wellness recipes, a meal planning recipe wheel, and nutritional information about the health benefits of walnuts.

Free Holiday Cookie Recipes from the Wisconsin Dairy Council

Looking for great new holiday cookie ideas? The Wisconsin Dairy Council will be happy to send you a free copy of the Gift of Good Taste cookie recipes, featuring real butter.

Free Ocean Spray Cranberry Recipes

Sign up for the Ocean Spray Cranberry Club and receive the free paperback, Discover Cranberry - The Wonderberry, packed with great ideas for cooking with cranberries all year long. It's free to join, and you'll receive free recipe e-newsletters several times each year.

Free Peanut Butter Recipes from Smuckers

Interested in learning how to make scrumptious desserts and main dishes with Smuckers natural peanut butter? Just send a postcard to the company's consumer relations department. See the Peanut Butter Promotion page for specific instructions for requesting the peanut butter recipe collection.

Free Recipes from Torani Syrups

Join Torani's online community to receive a free holiday recipe brochure in the mail. You'll get great ideas for how to make all kinds of cocktails, desserts, main dishes, and more with delicious Torani syrups.

Free Recipes by Email:

If you're also interested in receiving free recipes via email, see my Free Recipe Newsletters hub!

Anything to add?

Do you know of a great free recipe by mail offer? If so, please post in the comments section below for your fellow hubbers to enjoy!


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