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Fruits of Malaysia

Updated on July 17, 2015

Malaysian fruits are exotic, tasty and beautiful to look at. I have compiled an assortment of Malaysian fruits, if not for their wonderful and exotic flavors, then for their sheer aesthetic appeal. Fruits in Malaysia are very popular, and are grown and sold year round in local markets.


Rambutan, the species of nephelium lappaceum is closely related to lychee and longan of which I have included here as well. The skin or rind of fruit is yellow or red. The inner fruit is white and is sweet but sometimes a little sour and juicy. It is eaten raw and never cooked.

Rambutan is an evergreen tree that grows to about 30 feet tall and produces small flowers. The blossoms provide a lot of pollen that attracts bees and insects.


Mangosteen of the species called garcinia mangostana is a highly prized native fruit of Malaysia. The tree is usually about 20 feet to 80 feet tall. The fleshy fruit inside is white and you can buy mangosteen in cans or frozen in countries besides Malaysia. It grows year round and can usually be harvested two times a year.

Mangosteen has a citrus-like taste and are usually eaten fresh with desserts.The video on the right shows a man pulling the top of the fruit or cores it, and then with his palms and thumbs pry's the fruit open.


Longan is from the species of dimocarpus longan. It is closely related to the lychee fruit or tree. It is a native of China but is also grown and eaten in Malaysia. Its from China that longan gets its name of Dragon's Eye because the fruit resembles an eye. The longan tree grows to about the height of 30 to 40 feet tall.

Longan can be eaten fresh and raw or they can be cooked or canned. The fruit is very sweet is often found in desserts and a liqueur can be made from the longan fruits. Some describe the taste of longan as very sweet and having a melon taste.


The lychee is the species litchi chinensis, native to China, but grown and harvested in Malaysia too. The lychee tree grows to a height of 20 to 90 feet tall. The lychee tree is an evergreen tree that grows year round on Malaysia. The fruit is red and color and approximately 2 inches in circumference.

The lychee fruit is usually eaten fresh and raw or served in salads or with other fruits. The flavor of the lychee is said to closely resemble that of the rambutan and longan but is claimed to be tastier and sweeter. Lychee is said to have a grape-like flavor and an aroma that is said to be quite unique.

The fruits in Malaysia are exotic, have a wide range of flavors and amazingly unique bouquets of aromas. The trees are beautiful, ornamental and aesthetically pleasing to the eyes.Malaysia is a tropical paradise when it comes to its luscious fruits and fruit trees!


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    • PhoenixV profile image

      PhoenixV 23 months ago from USA

      Thanks for the comment.

    • oceansnsunsets profile image

      Paula 2 years ago from The Midwest, USA

      I don't believe I have ever had any of these Malaysian fruits, but I hope to try them in the future! It would be cool to see the trees, as they seem to be pretty tall.

      Thank you for sharing. It was so interesting to see the many different fruits! Some very strange looking, but cool.