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Fun food ideas for kids party

Updated on November 4, 2011

It would be advisable to keep the food simple and go for standard kid foods. Food is a must-have, but much lower on the priority list for kids than playing games with friends, opening presents, and eating cake and ice-cream. A fun alternative to the traditional birthday cake is using cupcakes instead, so every one gets to blow out candles and make a wish. Or you can try birthday cupcakes for every letter of the alphabet and theme (e.g., Fish Food Cupcake, Froggy Cupcake, Pajama Cupcake, Penguin Cupcake, Popcorn Cupcake, Apple Cupcake, Balloon Cupcake and so on )

Children consume more sugar at a party. For added food fun, incorporate refreshments into party games. Have the guests follow clues to find treats. Hide candies or some other treats and plan a game where the children go looking for the treasure. Labelling your party food and using themed names like "Buggy Party" or "Pirate Party" will add to the party fun.

How you serve the party food adds to the fun too. Party fare can be served on disposable foil pie plates for a Wild West Cowboy Party or in mini construction hats for a Construction Party. Dainty pastries can be served on the brim of a large straw hat for a little girl's Tea Party. Punch can be presented as "smoldering swamp water" for a dinosaur party.Just add your own creativity and imagination to transform simple finger foods into unique themed party food creations. Serve drinks in fancy plastic cocktail glasses, or colorful cups for toddlers. Serve dip in a hollowed-out pumpkin, squash or round bread. Serve chips, pretzels and munchies in themed containers such as disposable foil pie plates for a cowboy party, Chinese noodle boxes for a karate party.

Kids love surprises and food is no exception. Imagine their delight when they bite into a hamburger with taco filling, or a slice of cake with jello filling. Try hiding a jellybean surprise inside a cupcake, or add a small container of dry ice (with holes punched in it) to your party punch to make a bubbling brew!

Provide a variety of kid-friendly snacks during the party. Cut sandwiches into fun shapes using cookie cutters, and make mini burgers and bagel pizzas. Dress up desserts with gummy worms and other yummy creepy crawlers.


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