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Gagjee Heavens Kitchen Halfway House Midrand, a restaurant for dinning and light hearted wisdom.

Updated on December 13, 2015

Gagjee.Heavens Kitchen, relax and unwind.


Heavens Kitchen, Gagjee. Relax and unwind.

Heavens Kitchen Gagjee, ( Thank God for this wonderful MEAL).

Contact Numbers:



Ms T. Grig.
We thank the Lord for those that are still with us.Those that encourage us support‎ us and love us eternally.

Those that have passed, our aunties ‎and grand parents.
As well as those that are still coming, our childrenand grand children.

Keep us warm and cosy.
keep us away from harm.
May we absorb lessons from our past.
May we sprout the fruits of our labour and dedication, daily to improving our destiny.
May we grow closer to our dreams.

For I have had privilege and anointing to meet you and your family, Angels on this journey filled with fortune and much grief, hope andbroken dreams.
Thank You for your precious time, profound words, laughter and silly laughter, implying Mr Nathi your heart is in the right place but you got a lot to learn.

Life is not a bed of roses, people may seem as friends, yet they bring trouble, good times and vanish when you need them most.
Never give anything, and expect something in return.
Learn to let go, and take care of your heart.
Life is made up of choices, shape your reality.

Dis Biography:

To comfort.
Dreams coming to life.
Cheers to a jubilant lifestyle.

Regards Mr Nathi

Gods Poet Nkosi


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