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Garlic-a wonder food

Updated on November 28, 2008
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Kulsum Mehmood is an Eye Consultant with 30 plus years of experience. She is single mother and a philanthropist. She is in a full time job.



Garlic is one of those main ingredients that make our food tasty, smacking and palatable. Dal-fry, meat, chicken, fish, and Chinese delicacies taste well only with garlic.

Garlic grants a great taste to food and also it is very nutritive and has a great healing power and curative virtues. Garlic has a property of curing infectious diseases and it can kill germs and has been used by ancient men to maintain good health and strength.

Garlic is a rich source of Vitamins A, B, B2, C, and Calcium, phosphorous, iron, iodine, and sulphur. Garlic consumption is found to cure diseases like acidity, anaemia, appendicitis, arthritis, apoplexy, asthma, backache, beriberi, biliousness, bladder troubles, blood pressure, bone diseases, bronchitis, cancer, cataract, cholera, common cold, convulsions, cholesterol problem, coronary thrombosis, dropsy, eczema, gallstone, goiter, gum disease, heart trouble, kidney trouble, leprosy, scabies, teeth trouble, tuberculosis, sinus, worms and whooping cough. This is no exaggeration. Clinical studies have confirmed the great value of this wonder food. Its sulphur content has remarkable medicinal value. It contains antiseptic and hypotensive qualities causing lowering of blood pressure.

One or two cloves of raw garlic should be eaten to keep away infectious diseases and to maintain health and strength. Garlic helps to remove toxins and the noxious waste matter out of the body, revitalizes blood, stimulates blood circulation, and helps to promote agents that fight and prevent infection. Garlic juice has a most beneficial effect on the entire body systems. It dissolves the accumulated mucus in the sinus cavities, bronchial tubes and lungs, thus helping to get rid of sinus, cold, pulmonary and bronchial diseases. Asthma and T.B. patients can get the best advantage of it by having a decoction made by boiling three-four cloves of garlic in about 200 ml of milk, reduced to its one fourth. Syrup can also be made by crushing a pod of garlic, boiling it in 120 ml of malt vinegar, straining after cooling and adding 120 ml of honey. This syrup can be preserved in a bottle and one or two teaspoons of it can be had every day.

The potent juice of garlic can also penetrate deep to break up the cholesterol in the blood vessels thus reducing the chances of heart attack. It can kill the tumor cells, thus helping the body to fight the nasty cancers. Garlic prevents gas formation and thus it is most beneficial to the digestive system. If you are suffering from worms in the digestive system, have garlic, it is a worm expeller. If you are troubled with diarrhoea, dysentery or colitis, consume a few cloves of garlic, they will destroy all the harmful bacteria in the intestines.

Garlic not only builds the internal health but it also aids beauty and beautiful looks. If you want to get rid of acne and pimples and have a clear, glowing skin, apply raw garlic juice on them, and they will disappear without leaving any traces behind. Consuming garlic internally purifies blood, thus helps to have beautiful skin.

Peel two or three cloves of garlic, chop, chew a little and swallow with water, or gulp down one or two garlic capsules, and rid yourself of many diseases and lead a healthier, stronger and happier life, for where there is garlic, there is good health.


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    • Kulsum Mehmood profile image

      Dr Kulsum Mehmood 8 years ago from Nagpur, India

      Thank you Herbal Malc for your comment. Welcome to hubpages.

    • profile image

      Herbal Malc 8 years ago

      Nice coverage of garlic. I use it every day. Have seen some great cures for infections with this great herb.

    • Webofusion profile image

      Webofusion 9 years ago

      No wonder I love garlic so much.

    • Kulsum Mehmood profile image

      Dr Kulsum Mehmood 9 years ago from Nagpur, India

      Yes iBlue, food would not taste as it does, without garlic.

    • iBlue profile image

      iBlue 9 years ago from USA

      garlic is good for health. need to add it in diet in some ways.