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Garlic Dessert Recipes

Updated on October 30, 2012

If someone had told me a couple of years ago that garlic was a great ingredient for desserts, I would've scoffed. My grandparents, believing strongly in the health benefits of garlic, put it in everything ... and they don't even put it in desserts. But then I had garlic-flavored gelato. I don't know what it is about gelato but somehow it's a form of food that always convinces me to try odd flavors. Cucumber gin gelato is my favorite, but garlic gelato turned out to be pretty good as well.

And once I started telling people how shocked I was that garlic could be used in gelato, I started hearing all kinds of stories about garlic being used in other desserts. These days, garlic desserts are quite the trend. And many of them can easily be made at home. Here are some garlic dessert recipes that you might want to try:

  • Garlic Ice Cream or Garlic Sorbet. Garlic is great as gelato but it works as any kind of ice cream sort of treat. And making ice cream is a great way to pass the summer days! There are many different garlic ice cream recipes out there so once you get used to making ice cream, you can try your hand and adding different ingredients to taste. To get you started, though, there's a simple Garlic Ice Cream recipe over at Garlic World. And for something fancier, try making the rose garlic and lime sorbet recipe over at About French Food.
  • Smoothies. If you're more of the smoothie type of person than the ice cream type, you're in luck. Vegetable-based smoothies can get a kick from a bit of garlic. Check out the recipe that The Garlic Store has for a garlic vegetable smoothie. Link to Garlic Store below!
  • Sweet and spicy relish. Garlic-based relishes that also have fruit as a major ingredient can be a great dessert treat. For example, check out the recipe for garlic-cranberry-orange relish over at The Garlic Store.
  • Add it to a sweet vegetable. There are some vegetables that are sweet enough to be eaten as a dessert which is great for the health-conscious dieter. Yams are a popular type of this food. Sprinkle some garlic into the mix to get a new flavor, exciting your taste buds and helping keep you on the diet. Check out the recipe at The Garlic Store for Rum and Garlic Yams.
  • Drink that dessert. If alcohol is what you consider your sweet treat, you can try something different with a garlic drink recipe. Bloody Marys with a strong bit of garlic in them are an example but you can find drink recipes for garlic vermouth drinks and other garlic liquor drinks as well.
  • Garlic Chocolate Chip Cookies. My favorite recipe which I found in doing research into this whole idea of garlic as a dessert is a recipe over at Recipezaar which is for garlic chocolate chip cookies.. The spice of the garlic mixed with the cinnamon and sweetened up with the chocolate is indescribably wonderful.


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