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Gattis Pizza Dirty Pizza Complaint

Updated on September 10, 2010
This sh*t was NASTY!
This sh*t was NASTY!
This sh*t was NASTY!
This sh*t was NASTY!

So I ordered some pizza last Friday night (20th Aug 2010) and I was absolutely disgusted by what I got. It was Gattis Pizza Meat Sicilian Pizza. The first and the LAST time I'll ever order this or anything from them for that matter. To think they thought this was done properly before delivering it to me is terrible! I did send in my complaint. Over 95% of the pizza was LOADED with this dirt of an herb. I don't know what the heck it is but it was NASTY! I still have the pizza waiting for them to come pick it up. They probably won't but if you're a Gattis Pizza employee and in Austin, then come pick this crap up! I took several photos of how loaded this pizza was with some herb looking ingredient. Just look at the two photos I've posted and imagine that covering over 95% of the pizza - some parts had even more than other parts. I mean the rest of the ingredients were buried like it was a darn pizza graveyard! I got a large pizza, too. If you bit into the pizza all you would taste is that herb. You will chew some meat, some cheese and sauce but you darn sure won't taste it because that darn herb overpowers the heck out of it due to it being LOADED onto the pizza. I was not able to find out what that 'herb' was when I went looking on their site for it. So couldn't tell you what it was. This is the WORST tasting AND looking pizza that I've ever had. Gattis Pizza come pick this sh*t back up and give me back my money! I told them I was going to warn people and I just did with photos. Hmph!

Now why didn't MY pizza even come close a TINY bit to the Meat Sicilian photo on their site? For mine, it's like they went stomping around in the dirt and unloaded the dirt onto my pizza. It's not like I was expecting it to look like the site's -- since when does anything come as advertised. But I sure did expect something decent like other pizzas I had bought before. They won't so much as see a single penny from me ever again! Can't trust 'em especially since I can't even find out what that herb-looking ingredient was that was so heavily put all over and throughout the pizza I ordered. Gattis Pizza has lost my business to their competition. They were my number one pizza choice for 5 years. But the mysterious ingredient and experience was a way to kill my appetite for sure.


09/10/2010 UPDATE: I ordered pizza on August 20, 2010 and thankfully and FINALLY, I got my refund after all of this time and a full refund (happy with that considering this long drawn out process). It actually posted to my credit card on the 9th September 2010. Anyway, man, this was REEDINKULUS (just as crazy as I spelled that word). Case closed. And I STILL don't know what that unknown herb-like ingredient was. Maybe they just don't know what it was either because they have yet to tell me. Well, I sent off an email telling the Corporate Counsel thank you for my refund. And as far as this case goes, bye Gatti's Pizza!

09/08/2010 UPDATE: I received an email today by the Corporate Counsel of Gatti's Pizza, this time, after I sent out a second or was it third (I've lost count -- sad huh?) follow-up email regarding the status of the resolution told to me on 08/29/2010 and I also sent a SMS to the VP since he gave me his cell phone if I had any questions. He wasn't very responsive claimed to be "in a meeting until 4pm" and well whatever as if I didn't try contacting him before today. If only you knew! Yea, folks, I know it's all September and this still has not been completely resolved, yet, involving an order made on August 20, 2010. But I think I see the light at the end of the tunnel this time around. So my next update should be the completion, which I'm expecting to see either tomorrow or September 10, 2010. Fingers crossed. I'll keep everyone posted.

08/29/2010 UPDATE: I've just received a response from the Vice President of Operations at Gatti's Pizza in attempts to rectify the problem. I've not heard back from the manager at the location I ordered from, though. I will update this when situation has been resolved. So we shall see how quickly they resolve this. He said he was informed that a full refund was issued.

08/26/2010 UPDATE: I've received a response from the manager of the Gatti's Pizza - Parmer Lane location in attempts to rectify the problem. She offered me a $25 credit instead of honoring my request for a partial refund for the dinner pizza (dessert pizza was fine). Don't want more of their dinner pizza ever. This terrible incident seriously killed my appetite for their pizza for good, which I expressed in my complaint before she replied. But she offered me more pizza ignoring my request for a refund. What they hay!? I can get free pizza doing a mystery shop plus a $5-10 bonus for submitting an accurate report/evaluation.

Yea I bet ya'll (readers) thought mystery shopping was a fake. Nope. It's real in every industry you can think of. I didn't shop Gatti's Pizza this time. And of course, if I did I wouldn't say. That's classified.


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      7 years ago

      Visited Store on Hwy 71 Austin, Texas It was very upsetting the cashier was rude from the entrance Debbie the cashier on duty was so busy playing with other staff it was as if I was interrupting her evening. She had a very nasty attitude when I asked for the manager he was not available. This got worst by the minute its a Buffet the salad bar was dirty it takes your appititte away to see trash on floor dirty glass utensils and nothing aggrivates me more to have to wait when its suppose to be ready to go the Pizza is never ready and its almost as if they are on a buget the pizza lacking cheese ingrediants well I had already had a previous bad experiance at this store but since its on my way home i thought I would try it again the floors nasty, Table nasty bathrooms nasty I asked for manager the person said o its store # 105 you can call it in and the manager never responds when i attempted to call in he was to busy so I called from the lobby He was busy on his cell phone and playing wth the cashier and I guess dishwaher atttendent well My advise Is don't visit that location it does not seem sanitary!!!!!!!

    • profile image


      7 years ago


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      8 years ago

      hello I order three pizzas from Gattis on riverside drive austin tx and the whole order was wrong and when I called back the 4592222 number the man told me he would let the manger know they would fix it and it would be free. Well when i called two days later the manger at riverside dr gattis told me that he could only give me fifty percent off because i always call and complain about the pizza they deliever when they didnt even deleive the pizza to me nand i told him his information is wrong and he oh yeah i guess so and i told him that was fine that i wasnt trying to get anything for free i just though they were going to keep their word so this was the first time i order to pick up and the last from that store

    • profile image

      RIP Kerrville Location 

      8 years ago

      Hey there. I concur with your concerns about the pizza. I was an employee of the Kerrville Gattis. They consistently used expired meats and other foods beyond shelf life. The dough they mix had bulweivels (little bugs that live in flour, this is proven look it up) in the flour. The manager Linda said to mix it anyway.

      The reasons was out of control food cost. I know for a fact the other locales in Austin did the same thing, this is a company wide problem they are trying to grasp and fix. Food cost and labor are hurting them. What they do is sell you a substandard food product at a huge markup. It costs approximately 1.50 to 2.00 to make a large pizza.

      That herb they use is oregano but it could be parsley too. I know they have oregano that is several years old, it was a shipping error and they got stuck with the surplus of oregano and parsley. They are encouraging employees to use as much of it as possible. Be aware of this scam company.


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