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Gayuma ni Maria Restaurant Review

Updated on October 29, 2017
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Xeng is a researcher at the University of the Philippines where she is currently working on a dissertation for her Masters in Communication.

What does 'Gayuma' Mean?


Gayuma is a Filipino term for love potion. The place, aptly named Gayuma ni Maria or Mary's Love Potion in English, boasts of romantic interiors with one corner of the store filled with naughty [READ: kinky] stuff for sale. Said naughty stuff include various sex toys, sweet potatoes shaped like p*nises, handcuffs, sex books, naughty door signs, and the like.

Love potion recipes galore!
Love potion recipes galore! | Source
The shop's naughty corner.
The shop's naughty corner. | Source
Drapes on the booths and dim lighting, makes this place conducive for some loving.
Drapes on the booths and dim lighting, makes this place conducive for some loving. | Source

The walls of this small and cozy restaurant are covered with chants, spells, and love quotes. Recipes for love potions can also be found plastered on the walls. Unique decorative pieces, such as a dried-up tree with Christmas lights, can also be found inside the restaurant.

The booths for tables are also draped to give GNM's customers the privacy that they might desire. That's restaurant's goal after all, to get its customers in the mood for some loving.

Aside from the sex toys and books that are for sale, this romantic resto also lets its customers make use of their board games and books all for free. YES! For free! Even I couldn't believe that there is still hope in the world after all. At a time like this, things always come at a price -- but not GNM's games.

The Food

i admit, I did not get to try much of what the GNM had to offer because I was only able to sample an appetizer (nachos), the main course (sinigang), and dessert (twisted pavlova). However, despite the limited items on the menu that I got to try, I noticed that the food was prepared, well, with love. LOL. Seriously though, the food was great. The tuliro/nachos was quite a big serving so we shared it amongst ourselves (there were three of us).

play some board games while waiting for your order to be served.
play some board games while waiting for your order to be served. | Source

One thing that I would never forget about GNM was the way they named their food. Like I mentioned earlier, I got the Tuliro, 69 and the Twisted Pavlova. The tuliro was a yummy nacho appetizer. The 69 was the chef's special. It was so special that only the chef knew what it will be and to order it, you'd have to tell the waiter that you'd, "Like to do a 69." The 69er we got was a rice meal. It was okay-ish but the anticipation was a bit deadly. I kept worrying about what I'd do if ever they served me with something I didn't like to eat, say, okra for example. EW, right? Good thing we got something we all approved of so it was more than enough. The 69 is best for people who'd like to screw routine for a change but have a hard time ordering things other than their favorites.

For dessert, I had the twisted pavlova. It was some sort of a chiffon cake or something with fruits all over. But a few bites into it and I felt queasy. I think it had a bit of alcohol/liquor in it. Or maybe it was all the enzymes from the fruits reacting with each other. Whatever. It wasn't that great but it wasn't bad either so I guess it's fine.

clockwise from top left: twisted pavlova, tuliro (or 'puzzled' in english) - nachos, 69 for the day, chicken sinigang with rice, friends T and B with their cakes. :)
clockwise from top left: twisted pavlova, tuliro (or 'puzzled' in english) - nachos, 69 for the day, chicken sinigang with rice, friends T and B with their cakes. :) | Source

The Verdict

The Gayuma ni Maria is an exciting place to go to. It's very unique and one of a kind. It's romantic. It's crazy. It's wild. It's an escape for those who want to escape and a refuge for those who seek it. I can't recommend it for the food because I didn't get to try much but the whole experience (food, ordering, the ambiance of the place, the games, the sex toys) is worth the trip. So in the end, I'm not really recommending the food, I'm recommending the experience.

A marker123 V. Luna Extension (near Maginhawa st.) Sikatuna Village, Quezon City, Philippines -
Sikatuna Village, Quezon City, Philippines
get directions

What do you think about Gayuma ni Maria? Does it seem like a place you'd want to try, either for the food or for the experience? Let me know.


If you'll eat at Gayuma ni Maria, will you try the 69?

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    • xmags profile image

      Xeng 4 years ago from Philippines

      Aww. Sorry to hear about that unfortunate incident. You can probably send them a private message or you could've called the attention of the manager or something to let them know that you drove all the way from Antipolo just to try their place. They should never turn away customers! I can't really talk because when we were there, we had a pleasant experience so yeah. Maybe it was just bad timing but be sure to let the authorities of the place know. :)

    • profile image

      Rc 4 years ago

      We went there yesterday september 20 and it was really disappointing because we went there to have dinner from antipolo then when we got there one of their staff said "waiting kayo? Hindi na namin kayo maacomodate" and it was still early it was around 8pm and we are not the only ones rejected they even don't have waiting list. It is the first time that I went to a restaurant rejecting customers what a horrible service ad now its true of what I read in other reviews this proves that they really have worst service. i even posted in their page but i guess they deleted it so that other people would not know how bad their service is. Very inconvenient after a long drive and you wanna eat but cannot since the restaurant you wanna eat to is rejecting customers even though it is still early.