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Over 50 and Over weight?

Updated on April 21, 2011

Over 50 and over weight?

Years of poor eating habits( not to mention age,gravity and the like) finally took their toll on me, as I woke up one morning to find myself fat and blind( 187 lbs!).I went to bed reading a book,  and I honestly assumed the back half of the book was smaller print, and wondered aloud to all that would listen how silly of them to make a book with large print at the beginning and small at the end,LOL. Not only did I have need of a diet plan,(you couldn't tell if I was going or coming! I looked the same from all sides!) but reading glasses as well.

Through various diets, along with light exercise techniques, I managed to get to 151 Lbs.

However my goal was to fit in a little black dress. At 5'4 I needed to be at least 130 achieve "little black dress status"..

Most people said at 50 plus years of age just deal with the weight...I opted instead for a diet that allows me to eat well,healthy, without starving all the time.

I follow the plan Mon- Fri..on weekends I eat "normal food" within reason...

Here is the diet plan I used to get the weight off and keep it off for many years..

Today I am 56 years old , weight is well under the 130 mark...and I have several Little black dresses..which i enjoy wearing.......


Eating Smarter

I haven't ever really been a say the least. I find I do best if allowed a bit of latitude when it comes to such things as a diet..The one thing I try to be ever conscious of is the choosing of products that contain the least amount of fat calories though I don't really count them.

I simply stopped eating fried foods, except on weekends as I find it nearly impossible to "diet" when dining out. Also your body needs a certain amount of fat in order that it is willing to shed the stored up fat.. I have an easy enough time eating smart four to five days a week and not worrying so much about it the remainder of the week. This way I find I am not subject to cravings for a certain food as I have been subject to on a strict diet plan.

I also did away with sugar and began using a sugar substitute .(dropped 11 lbs that week just from substituting sugar)

I always eat whatever I like for breakfast ,eggs,hash browns,bacon toast. However I now only eat 100% wholewheat bread.

For lunch most days I have tuna salad or chicken salad(ham,turkey,egg) made with hellman's mayonnaise on whole wheat bread..

For dinner normally I will grill or broil myself something , and yes, I will and in fact do eat baked potatoes, I just use margarine instead of butter and never sour cream. Steamed veggies or salads for my side,dessert is usually sherbet or yogurt or some type of fruit.

If I find myself in need of a snack in the course of the day I usually have a bowl of cereal or oatmeal..

I try to eat sensibly like this Monday thru Friday so far it has worked! That was about three years ago. Today I weigh 110 lbs and have for the past several years..

Senior Fitness

We have all been told countless times ,how easy it is to put weight on after we reach a certain age. Additionally we are versed in how we can expect to retain that middle-age spread.

I decided that I would do a little research and see just how readily and completely I could shed the proverbial “bowling ball” I was carrying around my waist,as I was still well over 30 lbs the weight I am now at the time the realization struck that a life style change was in order..I had been warned that being a senior citizen and over weight could lead to a convalescent home in later years. Yikes!

Whats a “golden girl” to do..

Senior Fitness of course! Actually Senior Gold Fitness,do let me tell the whole truth here.I took a class in teaching senior low impact aerobics..I seem to be a little off kilter in learning the choreography they lay out for you, so I did my own rendition of each !! I like that better, and I actually like to see how many different ways I can choreograph to a song..

Because this is fairly simple to do,and no strenuous exercise required..My weight has stayed right in line.

I do enjoy a bit of walking,stretching to keep my limbs flexible and nimble,though not to extreme,

quite low impact,with almost leisurely walks...and will also ride a bike on occasion.

I haven't had to spend a fortune on gym classes or clothes,nor am I undertaking exercises I can't keep up with. Above all else I am comfortable with my size, age and eating habits. Notice I do not refer to it as a diet!! for I am not on one..

All I did was see the error of my ways! No longer is everything fried,battered or breaded.

Vegetables steamed most times then not,and salads along and along..

I suggest you find the healthy things in your diet you like and enjoy and toss out the things that are not nearly as good for you.

Could be you like me,just need a little life-style change to get back in shape..and a little dancing in the living room is fun too..

110 lbs
110 lbs
150 lbs
150 lbs

The "Little Black Dress"


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    • jorja kick profile imageAUTHOR

      jorja kick 

      7 years ago from southeast georgia

      Thanks you are kind to say so..

    • profile image

      Lynn S. Murphy 

      7 years ago

      you look great!!! i'm currently working my way back to 135. a couple of surgeries wiped me out.

    • jorja kick profile imageAUTHOR

      jorja kick 

      7 years ago from southeast georgia

      at the risk of sounding which i am proud of myself...I was compelled to share the info!! LOL

      ya know I became certified in senior fitness (zumba gold)

      and that hasn't hurt a thing either..LOL

    • JayeWisdom profile image

      Jaye Denman 

      7 years ago from Deep South, USA

      You should be very proud of yourself for your weight-loss achievement, jorja, as well as changing to a more healthy manner of eating.

      Since I'm vegan, I would probably be thin as a stringbean if I got enough exercise. I have somewhat limited mobility, so I'm doing a few exercises for people with physical challenges. I've dropped a few pounds, but want to lose more. I doubt I'll ever make it to the "thin" stage, but healthy and feeling good about myself are my priorities anyway. Thanks for sharing. Jaye


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