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Glass Of Milk - Which Type ?

Updated on June 27, 2011

Milk A Cow

Do you enjoy a cold glass of milk now & then ?
Have you ever had a go at milking a cow for fresh cows milk ? Did you know that is where milk comes from .. not just in cardboard boxes at the supermarket ?

Milk taste the best when it is fresh from a cow and it is a shame not everyone gets to enjoy milk that fresh.

Years ago while at a friends farm in New Zealand we all had a go at milking a cow and it isn't as easy as it looks , however there is nothing quite like fresh milk straight from the farm to drink .

Yesterday while in the supermarket I was stunned at the large choice of milk on offer from goats milk- soy milk and so on .

It made me think back to the days of putting the milk bottles out at night in New Zealand with the milk tokens and getting bottles of milk delivered where you had that little bit of cream at the top of the bottle to fight over !

It was so easy in the morning to go out to the front door and bring in your fresh milk rather than spend ages at a supermarket wondering which carton of milk to choose .

Should you try Soy milk or maybe Rice milk , maybe goats milk for a change .

Low fat, skim milk , full cream ... which one to choose ?

Maybe you remember having free milk every day at school when you were young !

Glass of Milk

Cows Milk

Fresh from a cow !
Fresh from a cow !

Is Milk Good For You ?

There are many arguments about if milk is good for you or not .

We were brought up drinking milk & are all healthy so far yet there are many children today who drink soft drinks rather than milk & are missing out on the calcium they need in their diet and are having more fractures and even a disease called Rickets is becoming more popular again after a long time .

With so many not starting off with the benefits of being breastfed as well as eating & drinking healthy foods it costs more in doctors fees in the long run.

The health risks related to low calcium intake are not just years away, explained Dr. Alexander. Children are drinking more soft drinks and more non-citrus drinks than they used to; meanwhile, milk consumption has dropped. The number of fractures among children and young adults has increased, probably due to lower intakes of calcium. Pediatricians are also seeing the re-emergence of rickets, a bone disease that results from low levels of vitamin D. Rickets became almost nonexistent after vitamin D was added to milk in the 1950s, but is now appearing at greater rates around the country.( From Discovery of Health )

The Milkman

The milkman started doing the rounds in 1921 as there were no fridges back then & we grew up with having the milkman coming round every day .

As more people started buying milk from the supermarket the milkman was sadly phased out of our lives.

In some places the milkman is making a come back & there have been adverts for jobs as a milkman available !

Confusion over milk

Which milk do you choose ?
Which milk do you choose ?

Milk Powder - Long life milk

As we are traveling around Australia we find it necessary to use both long life milk as well as powdered milk.

If you are like me and have memories of being passed a cup of coffee with blobs of white floating on top don't panic !

Milk powder has come a long way & if mixed well then you can't see the difference in your drink.

When on the road it makes all the diference to being able to have your early morning cup of tea & pull over for a coffee by the sea / river or out in the bush with the flies !!

( see my hub on what happens if I swallow a fly ! )

Breast Feeding

As a new mum you might be wondering if you should breastfeed your child or spend your money on formula .

If you can do it then Breastfeeding is best for your children as well as great bonding between you and your child

Your breast milk provides perfect nutrition to match your baby’s changing needs. Colostrum is the fluid your breasts produce in the first few days after birth. It helps protect your baby from infection. Breastfed babies also enjoy some protection against:

  • Common infections
  • Middle-ear infections
  • Some childhood cancers
  • Diarrhoea diseases
  • Respiratory infections and asthma
  • Juvenile diabetes
  • Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS)
  • Childhood obesity.

Breast is best


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    • profile image

      THAT Mary Ann 6 years ago

      So much info here! Thanks, I found this such an interesting hub...not sure about the fresh cow's milk though, only because I love COLD milk and I assume that would be warm right form the cow...anyway, happy travels!

      Voted UP

    • freecampingaussie profile image

      freecampingaussie 6 years ago from Southern Spain

      Thanks ! Thought of it while looking at all the milk & just happened to have the camera with me !

    • Darknlovely3436 profile image

      Annie 6 years ago from NewYork

      great hub