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Gluten Free - Thanksgiving

Updated on November 21, 2011

To all my gluten free friends, with Thanksgiving just a few days away, I thought I would share my gluten free plans with everyone.

I know we can have a wonderful day eating a lot of great foods staying gluten/wheat free. If you are not staying home for your thanksgiving meal and are visiting relatives, plan on bringing your own side dishes, and you will be able to eat with everyone else. Salads are always great, but bring your gluten free dressing along.

Some of the foods I will be preparing this Thanksgiving are The Grainless Baker's Seasoned Stuffing Cubes, I love stuffing and I can not imagine a Thanksgiving meal without it, thank you Grainless Baker! I will be making blueberry muffins with the King Arthur Flour gluten free muffin mix. I will also be making an apple pie for me, I am not a big pumpkin pie eater myself, but anyone who is can make pumpkin, I found Gillian's Wheat and Gluten free pie crusts, you get two pie shells in the package. When baking watch your vanilla, make sure you buy gluten free.

If you want to feel like you are eating a piece of baguette italian bread, the best I have found and I love it, is Against the Grain Gourmet, gluten free baguettes, they come two baguettes in a package and are so good. Potatoes - mashed, baked, sweet, yummy, we love potatoes. Lots of vegetables, just watch your seasonings and you will be able to eat them all. For the kids or the kids at heart, I found Edward & Sons gluten free ice cream cones. Happy Thanksgiving everyone, enjoy!


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