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Gluten Free Burger Patties Recipe

Updated on July 24, 2013

Delicious Gluten Free Burger

Gluten Free Burger
Gluten Free Burger | Source

Gluten Free Burger Patties

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For the Gluten Intolerant

This was a popular item in my butchery, these homemade gluten free patties make really delicious burgers.

We used to have a family run butchery, a real mom and pop business, our customers were people from around our neighborhood and when some of them told us they were gluten intolerant, we came up with a really simple but great tasting recipe. After a while we were making a decent number of these daily.

I honestly did not know that gluten intolerance was so common. Learn something new everyday I guess. It takes a little more work to make these patties then buying them off the shelf but it is well worth the effort.

Quick and Easy Juicy Burgers

Quick and Easy Burger
Quick and Easy Burger | Source

Ingredients for Gluten Free Burger Patties


1 kg of twice minced beef

200 grams minced pork fat

2 medium to large sized onions

1 bulb garlic

1 teaspoon oregano

1 teaspoon basil

3 tablespoons of olive oil

freshly ground black pepper


Preparation Method for the Perfect Gluten Free Burger Patty

Peel then cut the onions into small cubes, and finely chop the garlic.

Heat a frying pan with olive oil and lightly sauté onions. When the onions are lightly browned, throw in the finely chopped garlic and stir constantly as garlic tends to burn quickly. When both the onions and garlic are browned add the spices. You should be able to smell the aroma from the oregano and basil pretty fast.

Throw in some black pepper and salt to taste. I like my burgers a little spicy so I add some cayenne pepper, this does not suit everyone so its totally optional.

Let the ingredients cool for about ten minutes then mix it up with the beef and pork fat, I know that 200 grams of pork fat seems like an excessive amount, but most of the fat melts off when you cook the patties.

Divide into six equal portions and press the mix into a tight ball, the harder you press it the firmer the patty during cooking. Place the ball shaped patty onto a plate and lightly press down until it resembles a burger patty.

The Perfect Burger Press


Another technique is to use jar lids to shape burgers, just put some cling wrap over the inside of a jar lid and fill it up with the burger meat, press firmly into the lid, flip it over and pull the edges of the cling wrap apart, the perfectly shaped burger will pop out.

Burger Meat

Double Minced Burger Meat
Double Minced Burger Meat | Source

Homemade Burger Patties

I used to mince the beef twice as it holds its shape better during cooking, if the beef is too coarsely minced it tends to fall apart on the grill. Most butcheries will be happy to provide this service for you.

I have a very old fashioned hand powered mincer so I do it myself. ( a real pain to clean ) but extremely handy in the kitchen as I also like to make my own sausages. Home prepared burger patties and sausages always seem to taste better. Also if you make it yourself you never have to worry about the quality of the ingredients.

Most commercial burger patties contain some filler or other, popular ones being rusk, breadcrumbs or textured soy.

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