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"God is Dead" Buffet is Dead

Updated on May 16, 2020

Photo of a Buffet

Our Love of Food

The philosopher Nietzsche may have announced the death of God, but Covid 19 seems to have gotten the best and the worse of both worlds.... Most of us have now become quite attached to food. Let's face it, we can't go out, shop, be out and about, so we eat! Food is still within reach, be it food quality seems to have lessened a tad. One expert explained it -- paraphrasing of course, 'there's still plenty of food, but problem is more related to food reaching vendors due to Covid 19'. I shop at Walmart, because they're very reasonable, price wise. That said, shelves seem emptier than ever before -- whether Walmart or any other supermarket.

Buffets in a Covid 19 World

Buffets will continue. Not to give Nietzsche too much airtime in this article, but he did say that people would continue to belief in God for centuries after he made his infamous proposition. That said, Buffets are not really dead. In fact, Food Administrations world wide are trying to put something together that'll work, so people would still be able to enjoy Buffets. However, it doesn't seem likely that Buffets would be similar/traditional to what the USA and the rest of the world is used to experiencing. Japan is doing research and it seems keyword being "hand washing," which we know makes a world of difference when it comes to Covid 19 -- buffets or otherwise. So, if you're a buffet lover, you needn't give up hope, because hotels and restaurants are working on it, we just don't know how long it'll all take. Last, as I write this, many restaurants are schedule to re-open soon in some USA states. I'm just not sure if buffets are scheduled to re-open soon just yet?


If you're a smidgen as I am, you've probably concluded that unless you dig and research a topic and it's history, you're probably wrong about a great many things. So happens that buffet were not necessarily created to satisfy a person with a Titanic appetite. Seems buffets were created as late night self-serve places, oftentimes with lackluster food choices. If you know anything about the 18th and 19th centuries, you know most women did home work, whereas men did outside work. This isn't to say men worked harder than women, for that's a fallacy if ever there was one. However, married men usually had their wives prepare meals for them -- breakfast, lunch and dinner -- and to say this was hectic for women would be the understatement of all times. Food tasted much better back then, because it was natural and slowly cooked with fresh organic preparations, not to mention many people owned and farmed lands where animals were slaughtered daily and fruits and vegetables were oftentimes reaped on a daily basis as well. So, buffets weren't always fancy like the ones we see in Las Vegas or Atlantic City. Having said that, some buffets back then were prepared for special events in which expensive alcoholic drinks were served by servants and footmen. Last, bachelors would oftentimes visit bars late at night and these places had food available for them to eat, though to reiterate, buffet alimentation in the 18th and 19th centuries were of typically low quality. Buffets become more prevalent after Swedish Smorgasbord started to circulate in certain parts of the world (other than Sweden, that is). Today, or should I say until recently, Buffets were the talk of the town, and most of us love them.

Las Vegas, Laughlin, Lake Tahoe, and Reno Buffets of Nevada

Not only does Vegas have incredible buffets, but they were reasonably priced as well. I recall eating at one of its major hotels/casino where they had a particular buffet in which you'd choose what country's dishes fancied you that day. I'd always do Japanese, because I love Sushi. I recall spending about $50.00 for a buffet, but I'd eat about $100.00 worth of food -- easily. Sushi is expensive and I love Salmon, Tuna, and other expensive fish. Point I'm trying to make is that buffets are oftentimes less expensive than eating at regular restaurants. I'd load up a great deal, because I don't like having to go back in line to restock up on food. Buffets are ubiquitous all over Nevada, but that might change now with new laws and other implementations about to be put into place, if they haven't already. However, as I previously mentioned, Buffets will not be eradicated, only restructured so as to comply with Covid 19....


I don't believe buffets will disappear just yet -- or never -- God only knows what the future holds with Covid 19 and all.... However, it does seem as if they'll be considerably tweaked to accommodate people, so they'll feel safer and more comfortable in today's world. I'm sure when they find a vaccine for Covid 19, things will return back to normal again. However, most experts agree that Covid 19 has permanently changed customs, because we don't want to repeat past mistakes.


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