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5 Asian dishes that you can make at home

Updated on July 5, 2014
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Xeng is a researcher at the University of the Philippines where she is currently working on a dissertation for her Masters in Communication.

just fry the noodles, add the sauce and you're good to go.
just fry the noodles, add the sauce and you're good to go. | Source

Hong Kong-Style Fried Instant Noodles

What says oriental better than noodles? This recipe particularly deals with how you can fry, yes, just fry, noodles and achieve that tangy and saucy oriental flavor without having to dial your local Chinese take out.In the Philippines, there are small kiosks in the sidewalks selling fried noodles to whoever craves it. It comes with a pair of chopsticks for the complete "Chinese" experience and the customer is often given the option of adding dumplings or any other item of their choice as topping.

Check out this video to discover how to pan-fry your instant noodles to turn them Chinese. ;).

Beef kimbap with chicken hotdog, scrambled egg strips and cucumber for the New Year
Beef kimbap with chicken hotdog, scrambled egg strips and cucumber for the New Year | Source

Beef Kimbap

Kimbap is the korean version of sushi. The only difference is the name though, because this is basically an rice roll with a kind of meat and fruit inside. You can alter the ingredients depending on what you have at home. I've tried using hotdogs, legumes, scrambled eggs, beef, cheese, and crabs ticks for my kimbap. It's that convenient, yummy, and easy. It's basically just nori wrapper, sticky rice seasoned with your choice of seasoning, choice of meat and veggies or fruits and then just roll them all together til you come to a complete stop. Check out my Beef kimbap with cheese recipe found HERE.


Crab and Pork Siomai

I love crab and pork siomai/wontons! I think they're God's gift to mankind. There was a time when wontons were my comfort food and I'd instantly gobble up 2-3 servings of it in one sitting. They can be both steamed or fried and it wouldn't matter because it would still be muy delicioso! What's even better is how easy it is to make! Click here for the recipe. It's basically just molo wrapper, ground meat of your choice (beef or pork both work), some seasonings like monosodium glutamate, salt, and stuff like that, wrap it up, put in a steamer, wait to cook and you're good to go. Dip in some soy sauce with kalamansi and chili sauce for the ultimate experience

Allergic to crustaceans (shrimp and crab)?

Check out this video for a pork dumpling recipe. :)

Kalbi Ssambap! Nomnom!
Kalbi Ssambap! Nomnom! | Source

Kalbi Ssambap

Ssambap is a korean rice wrap dish which can be modified to better suit one's tastes. One can use chicken, pork, beef, or even fish filling for it, along with various kinds of sauces. I personally prefer the plain ssambap because I enjoy the unadultered taste of the meat. It's also very fun to eat and it's a unique experience as the only acceptable way of eating ssambap is by layering the rice and the meat with other condiments inside the lettuce. It's kind of tricky but as they say, practice makes perfect. It's also super healthy as you get your dose of carbohydrate (rice), protein (meat), and fiber (lettuce). Hhhmmm. Just thinking about it makes me want to salivate. LOL.

Click here for the ssambap recipe, and here for the kalbi recipe. Also included here a video tutorial for you. Happy eating!

Pork tonkatsu donburi
Pork tonkatsu donburi | Source

Chicken or Pork Tonkatsu

The pork tonkatsu is a really easy dish to make, I guess that's why it's a Japanese fast food staple. After all, it's just breaded porkchop with special tonkatsu sauce served with rice. Now, who couldn't make that, right? If you put it in a bowl on top of rice and served with tnkasu sauce, the name is changed to katsudon, don't ask me why. I also love how versatile this dish can be as you can use either pork or chicken in making it. Just make sure to remove the bones.

Eat it with chopsticks for the full Japanese experience.
Click here for the Pork Tonkatsu Recipe! Click HERE for the video tutorial.


Fresh Spring Rolls

And of course, something from the Philippines (though lumpia was originally from the chinese--this version is the one popular among Filipinos). What's Asian without Filipino food, right? A Filipino Fresh Spring Roll or Lumpiang Sariwais the typical Filipino's way of eating healthy without sacrificing taste. Made up mostly of vegetables wrapped in an egg roll wrapper, this asian food fare is a paradox in itself, it is kind of light but the taste is satisying.

Learn how to make your own Lumpiang Sariwa here.


I really love eating Asian food and rice and noodles are a real Asian food staple. These meals are just a few of my favorites and there are a whole lot more but I believe that these are the easiest to make.

Do you have your own easy Asian recipes that can be made at home? Let me know. Happy eating!

Which one among the recipes would you want to try first?

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    • xmags profile image

      Xeng 4 years ago from Philippines

      Agreed. Here in the Philippines, we have various wonton and dumpling stalls around the city which makes it very easy to satisfy cravings with. However, not all these stalls offer yummy wontons. I also prefer the steamed kind. :) Thanks for giving me some insight Kathryn. :)

    • Kathryn Stratford profile image

      Kathryn 4 years ago from Manchester, Connecticut

      Mmmm, wontons are fabulous! When I order from an Asian restaurant, I always order some kind of wonton.