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Gourmet Flavored Coffee

Updated on January 26, 2010

About Gourmet Flavored Coffee


All About Gourmet Flavored Coffee

                Like many of you, I enjoy the taste of coffee. No, on second thought, I adore the taste of coffee.  I have a cup every morning when I wake up and before I go to work, one cup when I get to work, and then a cup at night as I relax and unwind.  (That’s a lot of coffee!) Until recently, I always drank my coffee pretty regular – a little sugar and creamer but nothing else.  But I stumbled upon gourmet flavored coffee, and I have been addicted ever since.

                What is gourmet flavored coffee? You are about to find out.  In this article I will share with you the wonders of this delicious type of beverage, and teach you all about gourmet flavored coffee so you, too, can enjoy it.

About Gourmet Flavored Coffee: How It’s Made

                For many people, the word ‘gourmet’ brings up ideas of fancy, high society restaurants and extremely expensive dishes with tiny portions.  While this is certainly one type of gourmet food, gourmet itself just means a special food or drink that is often more elaborate or of high quality.  Gourmet flavored coffee, then is more elaborate than regular coffee because of the addition of flavored syrup. In fact, that is part of how it is made.  To make gourmet flavored coffee, the barista just adds flavoring to the coffee either before or directly after the brewing process. You can actually sprinkle flavoring, such as cinnamon or brown sugar, on the coffee grounds before you brew up a pot.  Flavored coffee syrup is also used after brewing to add delicious flavor to the brew. There are also flavored blends as well.

About Gourmet Flavored Coffee: Popular Flavors

                There are many popular flavors of gourmet flavored coffee, more than I can count. But before we talk about those flavors, I have to point out that the best gourmet coffee comes from special gourmet blends.  Regular coffee is suitable, but I think gourmet blend coffee tastes much better.

                Alright, now the flavors. First, you have your standard flavors: chocolate, French vanilla, hazelnut, white chocolate, caramel, and almond.  But, you do not have to stop here.  There are also syrups and blends with flavors such as strawberry, cherry, peppermint, Irish crème, apricot, peach, amaretto (made from almonds), blueberries and cream, butter pecan, crème brulee, and more.  And of course, you are more than free to add your own favorite additives, such as creamer, milk, and sugar.

About Gourmet Flavored Coffee: Where It’s Sold

                Gourmet flavored coffee has become incredibly popular over the past couple of decades.  As a result, it can be found virtually anywhere where coffee is sold.  Your favorite café more than likely has some for you there, and major chains – such as Starbucks and Joe Muggs – have gourmet flavored coffee as well. There are also plenty of websites on the internet that sell gourmet flavored coffee blends and syrups, so look around for the best product for you. Enjoy!


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    • DustinsMom profile image

      DustinsMom 7 years ago from USA

      Great hub about my favorite beverage. But I like Eight O'Clock coffee beans. I grind my own. Just coffee.