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For All the Ice Cream Lovers

Updated on September 13, 2014

Best Ice Cream in Town

As I have traveled throughout the East Coast, I have found numerous ice cream shops both big and small that have extraordinary flavors in order to please everyone who steps into the store. As such a big fan of ice cream it is almost impossible for me to decide my absolute flavor so I will give a top three at each ice cream shop featured in this piece! But first let's start off with a poll to find out the most popular flavor of ice cream for you readers!

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Here are some the best ice cream shops that I have visited and enjoyed!

Harbor Trading

Harbor Trading is a family run candy, ice cream and novelty store right on Main Street in Northport, NY. The ice cream selection is provided by Gifford's ice cream of Maine. There is a variety of unique and delicious flavors that are sure to satisfy that sweet tooth of yours.

#3: Maine Deer Tracks- this flavor has a rich espresso ice cream base with a fudge swirl and toffee pieces to make a delicious flavor for coffee and mocha lovers!

#2: Fly Fishing Fudge: with a vanilla ice cream filled with a fudge swirl, chocolate chunks, cookie dough, and m&ms this flavor has it all. There's a little bit of everything for everyone put all together into one spoonful, sure to please.

#1: Campfire S'mores- this flavor has a creamy graham cracker ice cream with chocolate chunks and a silky marshmallow swirl. This flavor makes you feel like you are out camping in the woods enjoying s'mores with your loved ones.

Pints of Gifford's Ice Cream sold at some grocery stores!

Hoffman's Ice Cream & Yogurt

When I first went to the Jersey Shore with my boyfriend and his family, one of the first things I had to do was find the local ice cream shop. This store has several different flavors in both hard and soft ice cream with an array of toppings to add on. Although not right on the boardwalk/in the touristy part of town, this place is definitely worth the walk away from the beach!

#3: Toasted Coconut- a light and creamy coconut ice cream with flakes of toasted coconut mixed in to add to the deliciousness of the flavor.

#2: Coffee Oreo- Coffee ice cream + oreos = genius. If you are a coffee fan and also happen to like oreos, this is like cookies and cream with a little kick of coffee flavor to create a delightful snack.

#1: Espresso Mocha Chunk- My absolute favorite is this rich and fresh-brewed tasting espresso ice cream with chocolate covered espresso beans thrown in. Not only does it have a great coffee taste, there are actually espresso beans covered in deep dark chocolate creating the mocha flavor.

Stewarts Shops

Stewarts Shops are is a convenience store/gas station mainly located in the capital region of New York. They are scattered throughout Albany and the surrounding towns. Although it might seem strange to get ice cream from a convenience store, they have a specific area where their scoop shop is featured. You can get cones, cups, sundaes, milkshakes and more! One of my favorite parts is that the toppings are FREE! The toppings are put out on the counter and the customers can take as much or as little as they want!

#3: Butterscotch Blondie- this vanilla ice cream has a butterscotch swirl as well as blondie pieces to create one of the sweetest flavors I've ever had. If you like blondies this flavor is for you, however I'm not sure if they still have this was a special edition that was being tested for a permanent stay.

#2: Raspberry Fudge Torte- Although this is technically frozen yogurt, it is a hard frozen yogurt therefore almost identical to other ice cream Stewarts serves. This flavor has a raspberry swirl that surrounds thick chocolate chunks in a raspberry base ice cream.

#1: Brownie Cookie Sundae- If you love brownies and you love cookie dough this flavor is for you! One of the most popular, this vanilla ice cream with a large fudge swirl and added desserts, this flavor is a must try!

Muffin's Ice Cream Shop

Muffin's Ice Cream Shop is one of those amazing little places that someone passes everyday on their commute but really notice. Not only does this place have a great selection of ice cream, they have an extensive menu with hamburgers, sandwiches, paninis, and much more! You walk up to the window and order and enjoy your food on the little patio they provide with covered seating! This cozy and fun place serves Perry's Ice Cream which is based out of one of the Niagara Falls area.

#3: Queen of Hearts- This is a rich dark chocolate ice cream with a sweet raspberry swirl and dark chocolate hearts which are fudge filled. This is a decadent ice cream that coincides with the Disney tale, Alice in Wonderland. If you are a Disney lover, a chocolate lover, and a raspberry lover...this ice cream is definitely the one for you!

#2: Otto's Cupcake- A new flavor that was created by a Perry's employee who graduated from Syracuse University is a tribute to the school. An interesting flavor if you like cupcake or cake batter flavored ice cream, however there is a little twist. It is a chocolate cake batter ice cream with chocolate cake pieces in it with orange frosting swirls to support the university.

#1: Bittersweet Symphony- I think in my heart of hearts, coffee/mocha ice cream is my favorite flavor. I love all different variations of the caffeinated drink including this indulgent flavor with is a coffee based ice cream with a dark chocolate fudge swirl and large fudge chunks to create a mocha sensation!

Krisch's Restaurant and Ice Cream

As a Long Island native, this is a staple most of the locals go to for the frozen dessert. They are a great themed restaurant, candy, chocolate and ice cream shop where they make all of their own food right on site. This place has been around for years, it was a favorite of my father's when he was a kid, so he knew he had to bring the family back to create some more memories!

#3:Chocolate Chocolate Chip- this is their rich chocolate ice cream with a little extra sweetness added in with chocolate chips. It puts a little spin on the regular chocolate chip ice cream which has a vanilla base and chocolate chips.

#2: Dark Chocolate Strawberry- this is a great flavor for those who love the fruit and chocolate combo. Be prepared to indulge in a creamy and light strawberry ice cream with chunks of dark chocolate swirled in to achieve the "chocolate covered strawberries" taste!

#1: Rainbow Cookie- although this may only be a flavor for those who enjoy the italian rainbow cookies, it is one of my favorites. It is a simple vanilla base with the rainbow cookies which include the cookie, jam, and chocolate mixed into the ice cream. It is a very sweet flavor, yet a rare one that should be enjoyed when given the opportunity.

I hope you enjoyed reading about these fantastic ice cream shops, hopefully if you're in the area whether you live there or are visiting you can stop by and try them out! Comment and let me know if you have been to any of these places/want to go or anything else you'd like to add! Thanks for reading!


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    • LynnIeRichman profile image

      LynnIeRichman 3 years ago

      Great blog! I love ice cream too! I've been to some of the places, great reviews!

    • Sumona Ireen profile image

      Sumona Ireen 3 years ago from New York, US

      I love ice cream and your hub is good. good job Renne.