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Best Times for Drinking Coffee

Updated on October 6, 2010

People who habitually drink coffee sometimes forget what a pleasure the experience of enjoying a cup of coffee can be. Most of us just drink it when we wake up or when we need a pick-me-up but coffee is something that can really be savored if you pay attention to the act of drinking it. As a result of this, some times are better for drinking coffee than other times.

Here are some of the best times to drink a good cup of coffee:

  • In the evening. Most people think that the best time to drink coffee is in the morning when they need that jolt of caffeine to get them going. That may be the time when it's most needed but that's not the best time to really enjoy it. A great time to enjoy a cup of coffee is in the evening after dinner. Savor it with a dessert that compliments it or enjoy it on its own. In the evening, you actually have the time to just sit there and focus on the pleasure of that cup of coffee. You just don't usually have the time to do that in the morning.
  • With brunch. On days when you don't have to work, morning is a good time to enjoy coffee because you do have that rare bit of time to focus on enjoying it. Sleep in and then start off your brunch with a good strong cup of coffee. You'll get that energy boost you want in the morning but you'll also get the chance to really enjoy the coffee that you're drinking in the morning.
  • During outdoor activities in the cold. Take a break from any winter activity and warm up with a cup of coffee. The contrast between the cold of the weather and the heat of the coffee will make you particularly attuned to how good it is. And the way that it warms you up with make you really appreciate it. It'll be more than just a drink; it'll be a treat.
  • On dates or get-togethers with friends. Coffee can be a great way to bond with other people. This is different from the other good times to drink coffee because you may not actually pay that much attention to the coffee while you drink it. Instead, you'll be paying attention to the company that you're with. However, it is still a great time to drink coffee because your body will remember the association between the good times that you had and the taste of coffee. This means that the taste of coffee will trigger those good feelings even when you're having the coffee alone at a later date.
  • When you want it. The most important thing to realize when it comes to drinking coffee is that you shouldn't do it habitually. It can create a caffeine addiction at worst and at the very least it will devalue your appreciation of the drink. Instead, drink tea or water habitually and drink coffee only when you truly feel that it's what you want at the time.


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  • profile image

    Shane Lapan 5 years ago

    Wow, I didn't know that there are the best times for drinking coffee. My habits in drinking coffee is in the morning and in the evening after dinner before I go to bed.

  • hobbitinspiration profile image

    hobbitinspiration 5 years ago from Monmouth, OR

    I like your information, I'd add on a long car ride. It helps boost my spirits, especially if it's really rainy and gross out. :)

  • profile image

    teddy 6 years ago

    Thanks FYI,coffee lover always drink coffee min 3 cups a day...right coffee in the right place

  • profile image

    Ana Ballas 6 years ago

    Love your article. I printed and post it by our office coffee machine. I will change my coffee drinking habits from now on.

  • profile image

    Mike Chronos 7 years ago

    Anytime is a good time for drinking coffee! :)

  • dawnM profile image

    Dawn Michael 7 years ago from THOUSAND OAKS

    good tips love coffee anything, but try to keep it to two cups a day!

  • Holmeslbc50 profile image

    Holmeslbc50 9 years ago from Clinton, Maryland

    I"m a strong believer in your hub, I like that you through this one out there. People sometimes do forget the special moments associated with coffee.

    I think when people drink coffee in the mornings they should change it up sometimes with tea or something unique so they can savor the crave for an evening taste, or a weekend wake up with peace and relaxation and no time limit.

  • hnmedia profile image

    hnmedia 9 years ago from Arizona

    Coffee anytime is what I say, but like yourself I do enjoy a good evening coffee. Always great on a night out with my wife as well. Thanks for posting.

  • sk8the profile image

    sk8the 9 years ago from philippines

    thanks for the info, now i'm really gonna enjoy my coffee even more. have a good day.