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Grilled Italian sausage and spicy vegetables

Updated on April 18, 2013
Fresh buttered corn on the cob and sausage with mushrooms and onions fresh off the grill
Fresh buttered corn on the cob and sausage with mushrooms and onions fresh off the grill | Source

Grilled Italian sausage and spicy vegetables

Summer time is almost here and here in Florida it's time to start weekend grilling and cookouts. I love to grill and to me nothing smells better then food on it. So I have decided to share a recipe that is simple to make and tastes so good you will make it time and time again not to mention how your guests will absolutely rave about their meal. I have a four burner propane grill and also a flat griddle that I use when I make this. I turn all four burners on low and place the griddle over two of them and leave the remaining two for grilling the sausage. This recipe makes four servings and leaves one sausage remaining for use in another meal. Additionally I serve this on a grill toasted hoagie or sub roll with a side of french fries and buttered maple sweetened carrots.

What you will need

5 Johnsonville Four cheese Italian sausages

4 whole sub rolls

shredded Italian or Mexican blend cheese

2 whole jalapino peppers with seeds removed and diced

4 oz can of mushrooms diced or 3/4 cup fresh mushrooms diced

2 small or 1 medium white onion diced

1 tsp of minced garlic or 1 clove fresh garlic finely chopped

2 1/2 Tbsp of extra virgin olive oil

2 tsp of butter or margarine

1/8 tsp more or less to taste of blackened blend spice

1/8 tsp more or less to taste of coarsely ground black pepper

2 small dashes liquid smoke

2 small dashes of celery seed

2 dashes of fine sea salt

1 dash onion powder

1 dash garlic powder

The cooking steps

Place sausages on prewarmed grill on low. Cook for ten minutes. While cooking go ahead and dice up all your vegetables. Place the 2 1/2 Tbsp of olive oil on the griddle and spread around evenly using a paper towel. Add your vegetables and spices blending well. Top the vegetables with the 2 tsp of butter and cook. Meanwhile turn your sausage and allow to cook for another ten minutes on the other side. After vegetables are at desired tenderness remove them from the grill and set aside or place in a oven preheated to a warming setting. Slice your sub or hoagie rolls in half and butter lightly on both sides. For an additional burst of garlic lightly sprinkle some garlic powder on one half. Place the sub rolls face down on your griddle and brown lightly ( I do not clean the griddle as the spice and oil add additional flavor to the roll). Also turn sausage one more time and cook 5 more minutes or until done.

Making the sub

After your hoagie rolls are browned to your satisfaction place each half on a plate. Take one sausage and place on a cutting board and slice into several thin lengthwise strips. Place the strips on the bottom half of the hoagie. Take a small amount of shredded cheese and place on top of the sausage and top with a fair amount of vegetables. Place any addtional toppings ( I use spicy brown mustard) and top half of hoagie on and enjoy.


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