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Grilling Steak is Easier Than You'd Think

Updated on April 26, 2010

It takes several years to make the perfect steak but it is easy to learn. It's not as complicated as some of the experts like to make it out, to cook a good steak doesn't take much virtue and by following a few steps you can learn how to do it properly. Of course the first attempt will probably not be the best, but don't let that ruin the fun of it, keep trying and I promise you the second and third steak you grill will be much better.

These steps are assuming you've got all the necessary equipment and have the steak cut up nice and seasoned to your liking. If you haven't done that yet, cut 1" to 2" thick slices. Thicker slices take more time to cook.


Let the meat reach room temperature. Some say that this won't be necessary, but if you do it first, the meat will not lose its characteristics by too fast heating. Throwing your steaks almost frozen will probably cause the outer sides to burn and the inside stay rare.

Excess fat needs to be cut to about 1/4" and cut every 1 1/2" - 2". This is important because fat shrinks very fast and will make the meat curl. Curled meat is almost impossible to cook evenly and will give a disappointing result.

Season the slices to taste before grilling. It's entirely up to you but you will probably want to use some ground pepper. Marinades are a great way of doing it but adding spices in a form of sauce after grilling is just as good. Experiment with flavors. Green chili, pepper, curry and salt are often used, but you can try other spices as well, because beef goes well with lots of different spices and herbs.

Grease the grill. This is not that important if you're using non-stick grate, but as it takes only a minute or two I see no good reason to skip this step. Take a piece of cut fat and rub in on the grills, you can use oil too.
Heat as hot as it will go, maximum setting on electric grill, a layer of white ashy coal on coal grills and maximum power on gas grill.

When grilling the meat put it on the grate for a minute, then flip and cook for another minute. Turn 45 degrees and flip again and cook for the rest of cooking time for the perfect diamond shape. After full time turn again and do this to the other side as well. Cooking time greatly varies depending on thickness of meat, heat level of the grill, fuel used, weather and quality of the meat.

Take off the meat when it's done, not when cookbooks say it's done. The more done the meat the firmer it is and you can check that by pressing it with your index finger or the flat side of the fork.

After you take it off the grill let it stand for a few minutes before serving, this will allow the juices to be released from the middle of the meat and make the whole slice tasty and juicy.

Making the perfect steak is not probable at the first attempt, but you'll get better every time and my best piece of advice is that by any means, go and practice. Nothing beats a nice saturday evening grill party with your friends.

Photo used is taken by mache


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