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SUPERFOOD BARS Make and eat in 30 Minutes

Updated on August 31, 2014

ORGANIC - No wheat, No fat, No sugar

These bars contain everything you need for youthing, high nutrition, low calorie superfood.........are also delicious........made in half an hour and eaten slowly with passion!

Take two large organic bananas and mash, add one carton of blueberries and mash again.

Add two half pint mug fulls of organic oats and sprinkle with three teaspoons of health giving powdered cinnamon - organic if possible.

Add one 1/2 pint mug 3/4 filled with organic raisons and 1/4 filled with gogi berries.

Now add 6 level dessertspoons of pumpkin seeds, again organic if possible.

Mix this lovely healthy perculating mixture together with 1/2 pint mug full of mango and orange juice or just orange if the mixed version is not available.

Spread mixture into low baking sheet and smooth off top - bake in oven 190 degrees for just 15 minutes.

Take out of oven, leave to cool and cut into 16 pieces.

These are amazing eaten cold or warmed in the oven. Try one for breakfast covered in plain organic yogourt. Take in lunch boxes, or take for car journeys.

These are a healthy eating dream, they taste sweet and delicious and are extremly nutritional and easy on your digestive system.

Suitable for vegetarians, vegans, wheat free folk.

Now imagine how you can give yourself variety by just changing the blueberries for raspberries or strawberries or even cooked mashed apple?

Also change the juice once in a while, I have made these with lemon juice and apple juice.

Another great variety is cooking dried apricots and using instead of the blueberries and then adding 1/4 mug of coconut replacing some of the raisons.

Keep these in the fridge in covered container to keep moisture in, they will last a week this way if you can keep your hands off them long enough!

Remember the best nutrition is in food form which your body can more easily digest and use the energy from.  Dont rely on an average diet and topping up with supplements.  Topping up a great diet of fresh organic foods with supplements is ok.  The energy of food is the most important thing.  We are all energy.

Enjoy and keep healthy and youthing at the same time.


Superfood Bars

Superfood Bars
Superfood Bars


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    • profile image

      sss 4 years ago

      Only thing is they're not really healthy anymore once you cook it.

    • profile image

      Issy 6 years ago

      Just printed this off to make at the weekend. Thanks

    • J. Kumm profile image

      J. Kumm 8 years ago from Washington

      Hmm, there is definitely sugar. But, I like that is all from fruit/juice. =) I will try it out and thank you.

    • Woodson profile image

      Woodson 8 years ago from Minnesota

      These sound incredible. Thanks for the hub.

    • Universal Laws profile image

      Universal Laws 8 years ago from UNIVERSE

      Cafe long gone, just make these for myself, family and friends.

    • someonewhoknows profile image

      someonewhoknows 8 years ago from south and west of canada,north of ohio

      They look great,do you sell them as well as bread in your cafe?