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How to make good spicy ,spice,spiced tea - recipes

Updated on December 2, 2012
Tea dust
Tea dust

Tea Making is a Art

Every one know how to make a tea. In reality making tea may vary depends on one region to another region. People prefer to drink a tea ,which is tasty. It is sure when we don't have alternative, we may regard ,what available with us.But Most of the people do the tea making a custom. And they do not even think tea making is a art. It is more than just adding tea leafs and sugar with boiling water and then add milk.There is variety of tasty tea making techniques Let us explore the various types of tasty tea making and some special types like spicy one.

First of all , tea making techniques.

  • Always choose the best brand of tea leafs. Normally tea leafs are better than the other two called tea dust and granular type .
  • Use boiled water and add to that tea leaf.
  • You can observe the golden yellow color. That is the indication of one of the best tea.
  • The flavor is the another most important.Interestingly, the finest one will give you best flavor . Most of the top class tea companies will try to blend large variety of tea leafs from all over the world. That's why certain brands retain the place even after years.
  • Even the dust type and the granular one also having good flavor provided it is from world class brand .
  • It is always advisable go for black tea, to remain healthy.
  • Even Green tea regarded for healthy long life. So East Asian people prefer that.
  • If you want add milk , better you add after preparing the black tea.
  • Make a note, always add the sugar at last.

Now let us learn more about how to make a spicy tea. There is special types of extracts coming under the label of oleoresins is used for making spicy tea. May be this type of extracts been used for other food items also. But when you need to make spicy tea like ginger , cardamom, masala (spices mixture), it is advisable to go for extracts.

This extracts are made out of natural things only. There is no preservative added. Even the hygienic preparation will add the value more.As such we can't add the extracts just like that. After preparing the tea with or without milk just add a drop or two as per recommendations and as per your requirement of taste.

This types of spicy teas are having medicinal value also. Ginger tea will remove away our throat itching. Masala tea and cardamom teas also has its own value.

If we not getting the spicy drops, the oleoresins, better go for natural ginger or small amount of cardamom. After adding the tea leafs , when the water is boiling add small amount of ginger which is cut into pieces. In the case of cardamom , better you crush and add . It is always recommended to keep for few minutes to get the extracts from ginger and cardamom. Otherwise the masala type one needs more preparation.

Time to take spicy tea

Mostly people prefer to take this type of spiced tea , after tiresome work , either mentally or physically. This will refresh our mind and body and activates for other activities, at home. After a long tour, taking spiced tea will assist to relieve from tiredness.

Another best time to take this type of tea is rainy season.Rainy seasons, you can even no of cups to remain energetic and to feel brisk.

But avoid this type of teas before going to bed. This type of spiced teas are not recommended for before sleep. It may disturb your sleep as well as it may create health related problems. If you are willing to take such teas better combine with dinner.

how to make spiced tea

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