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Happy 100th Birthday Oreo Cookie

Updated on February 27, 2013
A present from Oreo
A present from Oreo | Source

Oreo celebrates 100 years

Oreo Cookie celebrated 100 years on March 6, 2012. A Google search will give all the information anyone would want to know about this most famous and popular US-made cookie. Celebrations, news articles, contests, and even TV celebes like Kathie Lee and Hoda didn't forget Oreo's 100th birthday on Oreo's birthday this year.

Interest in Oreo cookies is evident. The writer's first article on Oreo cookies that was published last year for Oreo's 99th birthday received almost 300 views on its 100th birthday on March 6 of this year.

Showing popularity is evident. Milk's favorite cookie, the Oreo, is even used to celebrate occasions in countries outside the United Stattes. This writer purchased the box of cookies shown in the picture above in a store in Thailand in January 2012. In that country the giving of New Year's presents is as common as the giving of Christmas presents in the United States. The box is inscribed with "Happy New Year" with a "To and From" gift card incorporated on the wrapping...and then the beautiful baby blue bow.

This special box of Oreo cookies was immediately snatched up with two thoughts in mind. First thought: the writer's son loves Oreo cookies and the tradition of giving him Oreo cookies in some form for his birthday has been on-going. Perfect birthday gift with all the wrappings! Second thought was simultaneous: take a picture of this box and it will be a part of the article celebrating Oreo's 100th birthday this year.

On its 100th birthday year, Oreo's gift wrapped box of cookies helped this writer's son celebrate his 38th birthday. Hmm...wonder how may of the 345 billion cookies made since March 1912 havebeen snitched from cookie jars by a growng boy!

Hand painted ceremic Oreo cookie jar
Hand painted ceremic Oreo cookie jar | Source

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