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Having a Healthy Breakfast

Updated on March 2, 2014

The best way to start your day!

As a kid we were never allowed to leave the house without a decent breakfast. In the winter it was always oatmeal which was topped with brown sugar, raisins and milk.

Weekends we could have different cereals and every now and again mom would make waffles. I loved that waffle machine because mom would often use it to make toasted cheese sandwiches which was a favorite for lunch along with tomato soup!

Today since I'm often in a rush in the morning I will have some yogurt while I'm getting ready followed by a smoothie. Sometimes I end up taking that smoothie in a container so I get to enjoy it when I get to work. Weekends I have more time and I'm often more interest in eggs. I love eggs on toast, omelets or good old bacon and eggs.

Whatever day of the week it might be, I still can't start my day without breakfast!

How to make the Perfect Poached Eggs Video

Poached Egg Recipe

You will need fresh eggs, enough for each person. There are two methods for poaching an egg. One uses water and vinegar and the other uses an egg poacher pan. I prefer the later as I find my eggs always turn out the best with this method.

Instructions for using water and vinegar:

Add water to a saucepan and bring the water to almost boiling. If it is boiling too much the egg will separate and you won't get the perfect poached egg. Add a couple of teaspoons of vinegar to the water. The vinegar helps the egg whites to congeal and not spread all over the water. Any type of vinegar will do.

Crack an egg into a small dish or cup and slowly drop the egg into the water. You can use a spoon to nudge the whites closer to the egg yolk if it starts to spread. At this point you need to turn off the heat, cover the pot and let the eggs stand for four minutes.

Once they have cooked, remove the eggs with a slotted spoon.

Egg Poacher:

If you have a non-stick egg poacher then all you need to do is add water to the pan bring the water to a boil, crack an egg into as many of the cups as you want and then place them in the cup holder. Cover, wait three to four minutes and remove the pan from the heat.

If you don't have a non-stick egg poacher, you will need to spray the cups with a cooking spray or rub some butter or margarine around the cup.

Non Stick Egg Poacher

Here is what one happy customer had to say about this egg poacher: "I recommend this egg poacher to anyone who wants a departure from the usual fried or scrambled approach to egg cooking, without paying a fortune to give it a try."

Little gourmet tips: try putting a pat of butter in the cups with some chopped fresh chives; put in some hot or mild paprika to taste; salt seasoning & pepper are a good idea. For creamed eggs put a tablespoon of cream in the cups with any of the above suggestions. Or spray the cups with any non-stick cooking spray and the eggs slide right out. Use a pair of tongs to lift the cups out and good-bye burned fingers. This is a great product for the money.

Perfect Poached Eggs!
Perfect Poached Eggs!

Tribest Citristar Citrus Juicer

This juicer is powerful but has a quiet operation. Start the day with freshly squeezed orange juice with minimal time and effort. This juicer has a stainless steel spout to prevent clogging when using it.

Here is what one happy customer had to say about this juicer: "This juicer is great for citrus; lemons, limes, oranges. Easy to use and easy to clean. Most important when you press down on the fruit, the motor keeps going and you get every last drop of juice."

Digital Toaster

This toaster has extra wide slots so you can toast everything from bread to bagels. It has a sleek control panel with seven settings and is backlit with blue LCD lights. Even has a countdown feature!

Here is what one happy customer had to say about this toaster: "I love this toaster! So easy to use...No problem with levers not moving or getting stuck! It senses the bread and down it goes when it is ready up she comes...Easy as that Love it!"

A Good Cup of Coffee!
A Good Cup of Coffee!

Programmable Coffeemaker

This coffeemaker will brew fresh and flavorful coffee. You can program it before you go to bed at night and wake up with freshly brewed coffee to have with your breakfast. There is also a brew-pause function so you can pour a cup even if it isn't finished brewing. It is also eco-friendly as it comes with a gold gone filter so you don't have to use paper filters!

Here is what one happy customer had to say about this coffeemaker: "Great coffee, great looking on the counter, side measurement display for the water, a non-drip carafe, and a bonus of being a bit larger in capacity for those times when 10-12 cups isn't nearly enough for you and your company....especially when you love using mugs vs. cups. I also appreciate the ability to make my decaf a bit stronger and hotter."

How to Make a Mocha

What is Your Favorite Breakfast?

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