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Healthy Meal Ideas for Picky Eaters

Updated on February 12, 2013
Owen, by far the picker eater out of my two boys, enjoying some spinach and potato frittata
Owen, by far the picker eater out of my two boys, enjoying some spinach and potato frittata

My fifteen month old twins have always been great eaters. My husband and I really try to limit our consumption of processed foods and I’m a vegetarian, so they’d become accustomed to a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, and lean proteins. They’d never been particularly picky about what they ate…that is until about a month and half ago.

All of a sudden, the foods they loved were met with rejection. Nothing (well, nothing healthy anyway) made it passed their lips. My husband’s tactic: just feed them something! Anything! If they would only eat crackers for dinner, then crackers is what they would get. While that was fine with me for a night or two, but I knew we needed to come up with some tasty and healthy meals that these kids would actually eat.

Here are a few toddler approved meals that we’ve discovered. Our boys will not only eat these healthy meals, they love them! Hope you enjoy!

Spinach and Potato Frittata

While it may sound counterintuitive to think that kids can love a meal involving spinach, these frittatas are some of my boys’ favorite. Even better? They are a snap to prepare.

Simply sauté ¼” cubed potatoes (you can use oreida potato o’brien mix if you want) in a large pan and then add spinach and cook until wilted. Add eggs and shredded cheese and cook until done around the edges. Finish under the broiler.

Homemade Veggie Burger

Homemade garden burgers are a lot less intimating than they sound, and besides being loaded with healthy vegetables, they also keep well in the freezer. They’re easy to pop into the microwave for a quick meal. I found a great black bean burger recipe that I simply top with a slice of cheddar cheese.

Homemade Chicken Nuggets

My twins are not big meat eaters, but they love these homemade chicken nuggets. I use this recipe, courtesy of, which includes homemade whole wheat bread crumbs.

Cheese and Chicken "Pizza"

They boys like to help make their own “pizzas” using whole wheat pitas. This meal is usually built from left-overs: left over spaghetti sauce as pizza sauce, and left over chicken shredded up as a topping. We pop these in the oven until the cheese is melted and it’s a tasty dish!

Black Bean Quesadilla

Not much explanation is needed here: we use whole wheat tortillas and stuff them with black beans and of course cheese. Homemade guacamole is the perfect topping. If I have the time, I love to make homemade tortillas.

What Healthy Food Does Your Toddler Love?

What healthy meals do you prepare for your toddlers? I’m always looking for more ideas; leave your suggestions in the comments section! Thanks!


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    • iheartkafka profile image

      iheartkafka 5 years ago

      Great idea, Rebecca2904! My boys love corn on the cob, so I bet they would love a bowl of sweet corn. They do like frozen peas (not steamed peas, mind you! but frozen peas ;)) and sweat potatos...but as far as veggies...that's about it right now.

    • Rebecca2904 profile image

      Rebecca 5 years ago

      Sometimes I think I'm like a fussy toddler when it comes to food, so I might very well be using some of these ideas myself! I especially like the sound of the Spinach and Potato Frittata!

      Are there any veggies that your boys do like? I used to look after a little girl and she could be a fussy eater at times, but she's always loved sweetcorn, so we would just give her little bowls of sweetcorn to eat, either on the side of her meal or as a snack. Probably not very filling but as least we managed to get some vegetables in her!

    • Traci21 profile image

      Traci 5 years ago from North Carolina

      My daughter (3) loves my turkey veggie burgers and it is the only meat she likes. I have a recipe that I just put up on my Hub not to long ago. I will definitely be dropping by again :)

    • JamiJay profile image

      Jami Johnson 5 years ago from Somewhere amongst the trees in Vermont.

      My toddler LOVES the protein pancakes I make for her, she thinks she is getting spoiled and I know she is getting the protein and nutrients she needs. She also loves vegetables, she would choose a cucumber over a Twinkie any day (but that is because we have limited her exposure to sugary treats since she was born and NEVER keep them in our home).

      Great hub, very useful (for those days my toddler is in a picky mood).


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