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Healthy Organic Snacks and Organic Snack Food. My opinions on how Organic Snacks compare to Traditional Snacks

Updated on July 6, 2009

Organic Foods Undiscovered

As people become more health conscious, more and more individuals are turning to organic foods and snacks. Organic foods are labeled to signify the way that the farmers of these particular foods grow them. Organic farmers grow their foods in a way that conserves water and soil, as well as pollution reduction. Traditional fertilization methods are not used, nor do farmers use pesticides to control insects or weeds. Instead, they rotate their crops more frequently and use natural manure for fertilizer. This allows for a healthier crop to be grown.

What makes an Organic Snack Organic?

Organic snack foods taste the same as any other snack food. They have the same visual appearance and smell. The main difference between traditionally grown and organically grown snack foods is the way the food is grown. As we become more concerned with environmental issues, farmers continue to improve their organic crops so as not to use any artificial sprays, pesticides or steroids. Though we may not be aware of the presence of pesticides on traditional fruit and vegetables, there is a residue on the leaves and fruit, which in turn is ingested if the food is not thoroughly washed before eating.

Organic snack eaters may find that their food may spoil a little faster than traditionally grown foods. This is because the organic food is not coated with wax or treated with any kind of preservative. This reduces the chances of ingesting these materials that are often used on traditional crops.

While the taste and smell remain the same, there is a drastic difference in the price of organic foods. This is due to the fact that more time and care go into tending the crops. There are also specific government regulations that must be adhered to when growing organic foods. Since no pesticides are used to protect the organic food, the methods used to control weeds and pests are much more involved. It requires more labor and time, thus raising the final cost of the product.

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Organic Snacks vs Traditional Snacks

Organic snacks and snack foods are becoming increasingly popular. More people are becoming aware of the things they ingest and are turning to foods that are naturally grown. Though there is no scientific proof that organic foods are safer, people feel that they are still better off buying organic snacks over traditional snacks that are loaded with preservatives. If you are looking to buy organic foods, make sure to seek out the label that states “USDA Organic.” This label signifies that the government standards have been met and you are actually purchasing a product that was grown organically.

Even with this information regarding the differences between traditional and organic foods, many people continue to buy foods traditionally grown. If you do so, and your purchase consists of fruits, vegetables and meat, make sure to wash the fruit. To ensure that you are not ingesting and preservatives or pesticides, peel the fruits and remove all possible fat from meat. This will provide you with a healthier food, even if it was not organically grown.

Scientific studies are constantly being conducted to determine the health benefits of organic snacks and snack food. It is possible that organic foods contain higher amounts of anti-oxidants and also have higher amounts of natural biotoxins. These are important to your overall health, so, even though it has not yet been completely proven that organic snacks are better for you, some studies have indicated there are significant benefits.


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    • KCC Big Country profile image

      Karen Curtis 8 years ago from Central Texas

      We went through a phase where we were trying to buy everything organic and it was very expense. There are some things, like bananas and salad fixings, that we will only buy organic.

    • alekhouse profile image

      Nancy Hinchliff 8 years ago from Essex Junction, Vermont

      I like organic foods, but don't like the fact that, generally, we have to pay more for them