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Healthy Snacking with Delicious Yogurt Flavors

Updated on June 30, 2008

Are you craving decadent desserts but want to avoid extra fat and calories? If you love dessert but really want to watch your waist, you don't have to give up enjoying the delicious flavor of your favorite desserts just because you need to watch fat and calories.

I recently discovered three new flavors of Yoplait® Light yogurt that have allowed me to enjoy the taste of three of my all time favorite sweet treats, completely free of guilt. The next time you're in the supermarket, keep your eyes open for these great Yoplait® Light treats: Strawberry Shortcake, Raspberry Cheesecake, and Pineapple Upside Down Cake.

Calorie Savings

Even though I love Pineapple Upside Down Cake, I'm not really excited about the prospect of eating a dessert with more than 350 calories and 14 grams of fat per serving. Even for a special occasion, that's a lot of fat and calories for just a piece of cake. Instead, I can enjoy the great flavor of this tasty dessert in a cup of fat-free yogurt, for only 110 calories - a diet bargain!

The fat and calorie savings are just as significant with strawberry shortcake and raspberry cheesecake. On average, a serving of real strawberry shortcake has nearly 350 calories and 14 grams of fat, while a serving of raspberry cheesecake has over 250 calories with a whopping 18 grams of fat. Both flavors of Yoplait Light are fat free and have only 100 calories per serving.

Nutrition Benefits

In addition to the fact that I'll save a ton of calories and reduce my fat consumption by opting for Pineapple Upside-Down Cake yogurt instead of the real thing, I'll also be able to be confident that I'm snacking on something that's good for my overall health and well-being. A single serving of Yoplait Light has 20 percent of the daily recommended allotment of calcium and vitamin D, making it a healthy choice that's good for the bones as well as the waistline.

Perfect Anytime

Yoplait Light is a perfect treat any time. Whether you're looking for an on-the go breakfast, a between meals snack, or a seemingly decadent (yet really low calorie and fat) dessert, any of these delicious yogurt flavors can bring a smile to your face. Why not keep a few containers in your refrigerator at home as well as in the break room at your office? That way, you'll always have access to a healthy, diet-friendly sweet treat that's good for you and for your weight loss or maintenance goals.


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  • desert blondie profile image

    desert blondie 9 years ago from Palm trees, swimming pools, lots of sand, lots of sunscreen

    Yes! Another voice for Yoplait Light! I love this stuff! When I see all the calories and sugar that other yogurts contain...I can't understand why this one isn't the ONLY ONE on the dairy shelf? It's dairy -- good for bones -- and low sugar, low fat! Perfect! So many of these 100 calories snack packs are just empty carbohydrates with no real nutritional value...Yoplait Light has it all ! Good hub!