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Healthy Ways to Prepare Fish and Seafood with Great Tasting Recipe Ideas

Updated on August 13, 2011

Fish can be both healthy and great tasting

Source: National Cancer Institute.
Source: National Cancer Institute.

Great Ways to Prepare Fresh Fish

There are many great ways to prepare fish in a low fat and healthy way. Methods to avoid are deep frying with a batter coating, pan frying with a thick and crunchy coating that will soak up oil, and baking with lots of butter or a thick layer of full-fat mayonnaise. All of these methods will contribute a large amount of unnecessary calories to the overall dish.

Here are some examples of healthy ways to prepare fish.

  • Grilling - Griling fish with a light brush of olive or flavored oil or a marinade to help prevent sticking will provide a little flavor to the fish.
  • Baking - Bake fatty fish by themselves and lean fish with a little liquid in the pan to prevent them from drying out.
  • Broiling - Place the fish in a non-stick broiler pan a few inches under the broiling element. Use smaller cuts of fish or place the fish lower in the oven to prevent it from drying out.
  • Poaching - Use a poacher pan to easily remove the cooked fish from the pot when finished poaching. A light court-bouillon is all that is needed for poaching.
  • Sauteeing - Saute fish fillets with a small amount of oil in a hot pan to get a nicely browned fillet without a lot of excess fat.

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Healthy Recipe Ideas for Fish and Seafood

Looking for ways to prepare your favorite fish in healthy ways? Try these easy favorites:

  • Sauteed Rockfish with a Sweet Curry Sauce - This recipe sautees fresh rockfish with a little oil and is served with basmatti rice and a sweet curry sauce made with coconut milk and mango nectar.
  • Create a one-dish fish Veracruz - This easy recipe is made on the stove top. Simmer fish in a mixture of fresh vegetables, chilies and tomatoes. If a spicier dish is desired, use hot chilies when preparing the dish.

Other ideas:

  • Poached fish in a salad - Poach a fish fillet of your favorite variety and flake. Use the flaked fish in a green salad and top with a homemade vinaigrette.
  • Marinated and baked fillets - Marinate fillets of fish in a light marinade made with white wine vinegar and olive oil. Season with dried herbs. Bake at a moderate oven setting until the fish flakes in the center.



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