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Healthy and Delicious Snacks

Updated on January 18, 2012

If your either trying to lose weight or just be healthy in general then I suggest you read this article about healthy snacks. Snacks are a great way to keep your metabolism going to help you lose weight. Do you crave candy bars and junk food? Well I'm sure a lot of people do, when I eat snacks I try to eat healthy and eat foods I enjoy as well. How do you this you say? Well I'm going to tell you. If I have a chocolate craving I would eat a light bowl of my Special K Chocolaty Delight cereal, this helps my cravings go away and I get to eat chocolate too! Special K Cereals are very good for you and much better than that 300 calorie candy bar. Eating snacks will help you in many ways, snacks are very important to have during the day. If you only eat the big meals your metabolism will be going slow while your waiting for your next meal, which could be 5 or 6 hours away. When your working I know how hard it can be to snack, but if you take healthy items with you, you will most likely stay away from those horrible vending machines. You will soon find that if you take a snack you will not want to buy snacks, your hunger will be gone and you won't have to spend money buying those expensive snacks. So try packing snacks for work or school, you will save money and you will be eating healthier too! Here are some of my favorite snacks listed below.

Here are some of my favorite healthy snacks:

  1. My number one favorite is fruit! Fruit is a great snack and is extremely healthy for you. Don't eat to much fruit during the day it does contain quite a bit of sugar. If you are looking for snacks to take to work a suggest a fruit cup! Dole has the best ones. Don't be worried about looking weird because you bought a fruit cup, just remember who is gonna have the better body, you or your co-worker? YOU.
  2. If your into salty crunchy chips, snap-pea crisps are a great subsitute. Snap-pea crisps are a crunchy salty snack that are low in fat and calories, they are baked peas! I know it sounds disgusting but they are actually very delicious! Try them out.
  3. Special K 90 calorie bars are another one of my favorites. They are sweet, and remind me of those bars that have strawberry filling! They have a variety of flavors mine are strawberry and chocolate they seem to taste the best.
  4. Quakers Rice Snacks. Quakers rice snacks are a good treat if you are craving those M&Ms and candy bars. Don't let those cravings get to you! Just eat a small rice cake! They contain 10 grams of whole grain in every serving. You can eat about 13 cakes and only consume about 130 calories.
  5. Danons Greek Vanilla Yogurt. Greek yogurt is very healthy and contains protein which of course helps keep you full. Yogurt is a good snack for anyone, and is not big and bulky like a bag of chips, so you can carry one with you!
  6. Celery and Jiff To Go. Celery I will admit is pretty nasty when eaten alone, but when you mix it with peanut butter it is delicious. Peanut butter contains a good amount of protein, which is always good. Heres a quick fact about celery! Celery is so hard for your body to digest that you are actually burning more calories by eating it! So eat that celery even if you think its gross. Try it out with peanut butter and you may end up enjoying it.
  7. Fiber One Bars. Fiber bars keep you full just like protein, and the bars will statisfy those cravings. Fiber one has a ton of different flavors and you will find at least one of them to be yummy, go buy a box and take them to school or work with you.
  8. Cheetos 100 Calorie Mini Bites. Getting bags that are portion sized are great. Portion sized will help you stop over eating, this is a big problem with your health and weight gain. I like these Mini Bites because there baked and healthy so I can get rid of that salty craving in just a 100 calories.
  9. 1 package Back to Nature Honey Graham Sticks. These sticks are very good if you have a sweet tooth they will satisfy you with 120 calories. The honey is sweet and the graham cracker part is crunchy so you get both in one.
  10. SunMaid Fruit Bits. These are one my very favorite snacks on this list! I those having dried fruit its sweet and healthy. You can get the bags with your favorite fruit or one that is mixed they are all low in calories and good for you! Pick up your bag today:)

I hope you enjoyed reading about some of my favorite healthy snacks. Try some out and get your healthy body back, remember to always eat snacks! Snacks are very important in anyones diet, just go for the fruit instead of that candy bar. Thanks so much for reading!


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