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Healthy Eating Living with Oatmeal

Updated on May 15, 2009

Healthy Living


In your continuous effort to eat healthy and provide a good diet for your family, you have probably considered making oatmeal an essential part of your daily diet. You should now commit to the food that is often considered one of the healthiest choices available. The oatmeal nutrition facts reveal even more benefits than previously thought. The facts are these: if you are looking for a delicious way to eat healthy, and you want to entice your children into eating well by offering them something that is quick and tasty, you need to consider oatmeal.

Oatmeal is considered an almost magical food, given its many health benefits. While most people end up loving the taste of it once they have tried it, oatmeal somehow remains one of the least eaten available foods in the world. The USDA estimates that only 5% of the world's entire oat crop is actually eaten by humans. That means that there is plenty of oatmeal left for you, your family, and your friends. Let's take a look at how beneficial oatmeal can be to you and those whom you care about. The oatmeal nutrition facts are exceptionally good news in a world that is filled with fast food, sugary snacks, and little desire to eat healthy.

Oatmeal will helps you lose weight
Oatmeal is appealing to health experts because it actually reduces your craving for foods that are not good for you. We all know which ones those are! Habits are very hard to break, especially when it comes to the yummy snacks we have always adored. But if you are not pleased with the shape you are in, consider the impact of the types of foods you have eaten for years and years. Is it time to make a change? If so, oatmeal is an excellent alternative to the foods you have previously eaten.

Oatmeal is known for being a food that "sticks to your ribs", meaning that it simply stays in your stomach longer than junk food. This longer stay in your stomach allows you to feel fuller for a longer amount of time. You will find that your body no longer is tortured with the constant cravings that come from simple carbohydrates. Thus, you end up with significantly more energy and less hunger. That combination is a winner when it comes to eating right. It is also one reason why oatmeal is a nearly perfect morning meal. You need to eat something in the early hours of the day that will fill you up for the rest of the morning. Nothing can hold you over like oatmeal. So you should start eating oatmeal today I’ve add a recipe for some home made Oatmeal for you to try so good luck and healthy eating

Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal

1 cup Water
1/4 cups Apple juice
1 Tart apple, diced
2/3 cups Rolled oats
1 Dash cinnamon
1 cup Skim milk

Place water, juice and apples

In a medium saucepan and bring to a boil. Stir
in the rolled oats and cinnamon. Return to boil, reduce heat and simmer
until the porridge is thick. Serve hot with milk.


Great Tasting Oatmeal

A good way to start the day
A good way to start the day

It's a healthy way to living better

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