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Healthy and Delicious Yogurt Smoothie Recipe

Updated on August 2, 2007

Sometimes a cold and frothy frozen drink is exactly what you need to pick you up. However, if you grab a milk shake or stop by your favorite gourmet coffee shop, you are likely to end up consuming more calories than you really want. Instead, try making your own healthy and delicious yogurt smoothies. When you make your own frozen drinks, it's easy to control both the quality of the ingredients and the calorie count.

Yogurt smoothies are easy to prepare and they are perfect for breakfast, dessert, or an after-dinner snack. You could even have a smoothie for lunch or dinner. They taste great and are good for you any time of the day or night.

Here are my favorite yogurt smoothie recipes:

1 carton low fat or fat free yogurt (in the fruit flavor of your choice)

2 cups fat free skim milk

1 cup of ice

* Optional - Davinci Gourmet sugar-free syrup (to taste, in a flavor that goes well with the yogurt flavor)

* Optional - Fresh fruit to taste, in a flavor complementary to yogurt and/or syrup

Simply place all ingredients in the blender, and process until smooth. Add more milk or ice as needed to achieve the desired consistency.

My favorite combinations:

  • Blueberry yogurt with blueberry syrup and fresh blueberries
  • Strawberry yogurt with strawberry syrup and fresh blueberries
  • Vanilla yogurt with French Vanilla or hazelnut syrup and fresh blueberries
  • Strawberry banana yogurt with strawberry syrup
  • Peach yogurt with peach syrup
  • Cherry vanilla yogurt with cherry syrup

The possibilities are endless when it comes to making your own yogurt smoothies. You are really limited only by your imagination and the availability of fresh fruit and yogurt.


Depending on your taste preferences and nutritional goals, you may want to add additional ingredients to your smoothies, such as protein powder, spirulina, and other dietary supplements.

What Does the Syrup Do?

Adding Davinci sugar free syrups to your yogurt smoothies is a great way to intensify the flavor without adding calories to your treat. The syrups are Splenda sweetened, so they add a sweet flavor and a hint of sugar. Most TJ Maxx and Marshalls stores carry the syrup, and you can also order online from

This type of yogurt smoothie is a much healthier alternative to just about any type of pre-made frozen beverage that you can buy. It is packed with nutrients such as calcium, protein, vitamins, and even antioxidants if you add smart fruit choices.


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  • profile image

    Mario "Best Blender" Jones 

    7 years ago

    I know for a fact after speaking to many alternative health care experts that smoothies such as these, especially when using organic or home grown fruits and other ingredients can deliver substantial nutritional value that is often times not accessible in most meals we eat on a regular basis. By using your best blender and mixing together fruits and berries such as strawberries, blueberries and apples you can get a smooth enough texture where your body is able to extract the maximum amount of nutrition from each serving. Smoothies made in such a fashion can literally have an infinitely larger amount of power packed nourishment than your typical evening out at a restaurant.


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