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Heavenly Chocolate Covered Strawberries for the Chocoholic

Updated on June 22, 2011

Craving for Chocolate

Do you have a craving for chocolate? Are you a chocoholic? I am. I'll admit it. I love chocolate on almost anything, especially on strawberries. Love for me is eating chocolate covered strawberries. They cause certain endocrine glands to secrete hormones that affect my feelings and behavior and make me happy.

I believe, in the beginning God created chocolate covered strawberries and He saw that they were good. Then He separated the light from the dark chocolate covered strawberries and He saw that they were much better. So He made them the breakfast of champions. Well, He did in my house!

Chocolate Covered Strawberry Shake
Chocolate Covered Strawberry Shake

The Breakfast of Champions Chocolate Covered Strawberry Shake


1 cup fresh or frozen strawberries (plus a couple extra for garnish)

1 cup fat free milk

1 packet no sugar added chocolate carnation instant breakfast

dark chocolate bar (melted)


1. Add strawberries, milk, and carnation instant breakfast into blender; cover.

2. Blend until smooth.

3. Pour into glass and drizzle melted chocolate on top.

4. Garnish with whole strawberries.

It Is Healthy For You

I am a healthy chocoholic. Any true chocoholic knows that chocolate is a vegetable. It comes from the cocoa bean and beans are veggies, right? Did you ever try chocolate covered broccoli or chocolate covered coffee beans? I have, but chocolate covered strawberries are by far my absolute favorite.

Chocolate Covered Strawberries
Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Aren't They Lovely

They Are So Beautiful To Look At and Luscious to Eat
They Are So Beautiful To Look At and Luscious to Eat

Chocolate Covered Strawberries Are Considered The Top Romantic And Seductive Dessert of All Time

And They Are Cheap, Easy & Tasty To Make

Chocolate Covered Strawberries


Strawberries with stems intact (wash & pat thoroughly dry)

Largest Dark Chocolate Bar You Can Find

Tablespoon of Margarine

Things You Will Need

Parchment or Wax Paper

Small Pot

Bowl with a Handle or Lip

Spatula (high heat intensity)


1. Put about an inch of water into the pot and put it over a medium flame.

2. Bring the water just about to a boil and turn the flame down low.

3. Suspend the bowl inside the pot. This is where the bowl with a handle or lip will come in handy.

4. Put the chocolate in bowl to melt using indirect heat.

5. Add the margarine so the chocolate will become smooth and coats evenly.

6. Stir the chocolate often until it is smooth.

7. Take the strawberries by the stem and one-by-one dip them into the chocolate while lifting and twisting slightly to give a more even look.

8. Place them on parchment or wax paper covered plate.

9. Refrigerate for at least half an hour or until the chocolate hardens.

To add white chocolate drizzle, melt white chocolate and dip a fork into the white chocolate and drizzle over the chocolate dipped strawberries
To add white chocolate drizzle, melt white chocolate and dip a fork into the white chocolate and drizzle over the chocolate dipped strawberries

Strawberry Growing Tips


Chocolate Covered Strawberries are best if eaten within 24 hours.

Refrigerate for longer storage.

Serve at room temperature for greatest flavor.

Strawberries do not ripen after harvesting, so be sure to choose strawberries that are already fully ripe. Look for bright red in color, a natural shine and the green stems should be fresh looking.

Frozen fruits are hard to dip in chocolate because the coldness of the fruit freezes the chocolate instantly, and will leave an uneven coat on the strawberries.

Be creative and dip your chocolate covered strawberries in coconut, chopped nuts, or confectioners sugar; whatever pleases you!

You could even try growing your own strawberries. There is nothing more heavenly than homegrown fresh strawberries.

So the next time you have a chocolate craving, you can either join the Chocoholic's Club or you can give chocolate covered strawberries a try!

This is Your Brain on Chocolate! Any Questions?

Chocolate Covered Strawberries
Chocolate Covered Strawberries

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