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Herbal Yoghurts - Yogurt and Health

Updated on July 21, 2010

Health and Natural Food

Yoghurts (yogurts) have become one of the healthiest, most natural foods available. Consumption of yoghurt varies greatly from country to country depending on whether consumers consider it a snacking product or a mealtime occasion. Finland is a good example where yoghurt is consumed in large quantities. On average, a single person consumes 40 litres in a year whilst a single person in Britain will consume only five litres per year.

Every now and then, consumers of yoghurts are constantly looking for innovative and healthy yoghurts. This has in turn provided those making yoghurts with tremendous opportunities to develop new styles and formulations. To enhance your yoghurt's healthy image to fit the perception and needs of the ever growing demand from consumers, then you need to address the following:

  • 1. Natural flavorings
  • 2. Fruit pieces
  • 3. fruit contents
  • 4. lowering of fat and calories levels
  • 5. increased vitamins and fiber
  • 6. bio formulations

Make Yoghurt Yourself?

It is easy to stroll down the supermarket aisle and throw a cup of yoghurt into your cart. But have you ever been tempted to make yoghurt yourself?

You can craft your own brand of yoghurt in the comfort of your kitchen. You can use any kind of milk, including whole milk, nonfat, pasteurized, homogenized, organic, raw, diluted evaporated, dry powdered, cow, goat, soybean, and more.

All yoghurts will need good bacteria. The easiest way to add this is to use existing yoghurt. The first time you make your own yogurt, use store-bought plain yogurt. Be certain it has active cultures on the label. Alternatively, instead of using existing yoghurt, you can use freeze-dried bacteria cultures which are available in specialty stores and are more reliable as a starter.

Botanical and or Herbal Extracts

At stake in increasing the natural and healthy image of yoghurt is the addition of botanical and or herbal extracts. These botanical and or herbal extracts in your yoghurt suggest a very strong benefit to health conscious consumers attracted to natural ingredient benefits.

It is important to bear in mind that whether you add botanical and herbal extracts or not, more opportunities in yoghurt development will still revolve around mainstream flavors such as strawberry, raspberry, passion fruit, cherry, vanilla and peach. In addition, addition of low level floral notes will give your yoghurt subtle and pleasant twist.

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