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Herbs and cooking

Updated on February 21, 2016

Cooking with herbs

Although herbs have been around for centuries and countless traditions and customs surround the culinary use thereof , there are no real rules . Much depends on individual preferences when it come to the quantities of herbs to be used in food . As a cook , you must experiment with herbs , to be free to follow your own ideas when it comes to the culinary use of herbs . In earlier times herbs was also used to hide the taste of food that was not fresh anymore but today we use it to compliment the taste of the food . As said , there is no golden rules in the use of herbs but the cook must know what the people around him want ; for example , some people love garlic and others can't stand the taste and smell of it . As cook you also have to take note that some herbs are stronger in flavour than others , rosemary for example need to be cooked much longer than parsley . Herbs can be added hours before serving in uncooked recipes , to give the taste and aroma of the herbs enough tie to compliment the rest of the ingredients . By using herbs in the right amounts you will taste and smell the difference in your cooking . Just about every dish tastes better with fresh herbs but dried herbs can also be used in moderation . Always be careful not to use too much herbs in cooking as it may spoil your meal altogether .

Cooking with fresh herbs

Fresh parsley , sage and marjoram
Fresh parsley , sage and marjoram

In recent years the value of herbs has been made evident in countries like France and Italy but it is spreading around the globe . Herbs can be used to advantage in all sorts of dishes and their addition to our diet adds vitamins and healing properties . Since before any records were kept , man was using herbs for food and medicine but in recent years the use of fresh herbs has been neglected . In earlier times herbs were rated higher than vegetables . Throughout time cooks have been combining and contrasting the different herb flavours to bring out the best combination in their dishes . Today it is up to the cook once again to experiment and come up with the best tasting combinations for our current dishes . There is some tips on using herbs , for example : Basil goes well with tomatoes or oreganum with pasta but it is up to the cook to coe up with the most origiginal and tasty ideas . Just remember that too much cooking will ruin the favour of herbs .

Cooking with herbs will benefit your health

Most herbs have health benefits attached to them, not to mention they do improve the taste of so many foods! Then it must be said that you need to use fresh herbs as most herbs have been sitting on a grocery store shelf for so long, and thus they do not have much nutritional value left . Herbs have antibacterial and antiviral properties and many are high in B-vitamins and trace minerals . Herbs also contain more disease-fighting antioxidants than fruits and vegetables . By incorporating herbs in your dishes you will take in all the goodness that is needed for your well being as long as it is not overcooked, it will also make your dishes taste and look good.

Cooking herbs

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