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Higher Wages for McDonald's Employees

Updated on October 22, 2014

Making a Living & Working at McDonald's?

Let's see what the POWER a UNION can bring!
Let's see what the POWER a UNION can bring! | Source

McDonald's Employees want $15/hr

McDonald's Forming a Union

McDonald's Employees Stick Together

The People Speak

I'm not shocked...a little surprised, but totally "set-back" by some of the comments left on my Facebook Page concerning this whole McDonald's "pay raise" thing. I wondered to myself "How can anybody be against somebody else getting a raise; a step up; a chance to improve oneself?".

To actually ask for a wage increase is a lot better than stealing it - don't you think? Of course, however, according to former McDonald's employees in three different states all claim that McDonald's is responsible for wage theft.

If this union thing pans out - everybody wins!
Well, the CEO's will lose $ome...but, in the end, they'll still be in the black.

Some of these CEO bonuses can run into the million$...each!

McDonald's isn't a Career

"It's a job meant for children"

That statement alone just sounds illegal, but I understand what's meant by it.

I do agree on some level that a "normal" person doesn't dream of one day wearing a drive-thru headset for the rest of their lives.
But on the same token, I'm sure that was said about turning a wrench all day, or picking up garbage, or even cutting grass or driving a truck.

I remember my grandfather (constantly) saying, "Yep, back in the day you could quit high school, walk into a mill and get hired right on the spot making $15 an hour pushing a broom." But he always added, "But nope, not anymore. They cut that shit out. Yep, times are changing. Soon, they'll start bottling water and selling that too."

My grandfather was known for jumping subject to subject.

Well, times have changed & they're changing again.

Now they chant:


Well, I think, all the fast-food workers who have a degree answers that. Funny, how right away people scream out "Get an education!" It's the backbone to their entire defense.


Says who? Besides, what's the difference between a job and career?
To me, there is no difference.


It's not a job for children, it's a job that a child can do (but do not, because of child labor laws). This goes the same for every industry. We can all admit that there are good paying jobs out there that even a child could accomplish.

What a Union Could Bring

The Benefits of McDonald's Forming a Union

This Could Work

Everybody Stick Together

From the inspection to products to the quality of customer service, having a union would ensure that every department is delivering their absolute best.

No more "pink slime" incidents, respectfully paid and fully qualified union members would ensure of that.
No more waiting means having the correct number of employees working at all times even in case of a sudden "rush".

This also means a faster drive-thru. No more pulling up and waiting in the reserved section wasting gas causing harmful emissions.

Did you know about this...?

The Truth Will Set Us Free
The Truth Will Set Us Free | Source


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