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History of Coffee Houses

Updated on December 31, 2014

Historic Coffee House

Coffee House Beginnings

According to coffee legend around 850 an African goat herder noticed his goats had more pep when they munched on coffee berries. The goat herder ate some coffee berries himself and felt more energized! The first coffeehouse was in Constantinople founded in 1475.

According to,, "Coffee was such an important item during this time period, it was legal in Turkey for a women to divorce her husband if he could not supply her with enough coffee." Coffeehouses have always been a source of social interaction.

Europe's first cafe was founded in 1529 by Franz Georg Kolschitzky. He invented filtered coffee and added milk and sugar. Once sweet confections and pastries were served the coffee house business became a huge success. So much so, that his simple formula is used today.

.According to, Fun Facts About Coffee, " Both the American and the infamous French Revolution were born in coffee houses. The American Revolution grew roots from roots planted by patriots in the Green Dragon (some say it was the Green Lion) Public House in Lloyd's District of London. The infamous French Revolution happened in 1789 when the Parisians, spurred on by Camille Desmoulins's verbal campaign took to the streets and days later the Bastille fell marking the overthrow of the French Government and changing France forever."

Coffeehouse Relaxation!


Penny Universities English Coffee Houses

When coffee, tea and chocolate were introduced to England they became extremely popular. almost instantly. By the 1675 England had over 3,000 coffeehouses. People congregated at coffee houses from all walks of life. They exchanged ideas and had conversations on different topics. There was an admission price of one penny. Thus, coffeehouses were nicknamed penny universities. Business's conducted business at coffeehouses on a regular basis. For example, agendas were posted for shipping arrival and departure times

In England's Victorian era the Temperance Movement set up coffeehouses. They offered the working class alcohol free relaxation.

American Coffeehouse History

According to.port-ja va .com/history/trivia/trivia.html, "The founding fathers of the U.S.. during the Revolution, formed their national strategies in coffeehouses." As the eighteenth century progressed Americans enjoyed coffee. Coffee was scarce and valuable part of basic rations for Civil War solders. Campfires with coffee pots on them dotted the countryside like mini coffeehouses. Coffee and the custom of coffee drinking became more popular because it was part of basic rations.

During World War 2 coffee breaks were introduced to employees. This was done to increase overall productivity.

In the 1950' and 1960s coffeehouses and great jazz music were popular. New trends in jazz,poetry, and expression in general were introduced at jazz coffeehouses. Many great jazz artists got there start in popular music.

Today, coffee is the second largest commodity second, only to oil traded in the United States.

Bring Coffeehouse Beverages Home

Coffeehouse beverages can be prepared at home. Irish Coffee is a favorite of mine. It takes the chill out of a cold damp evening.

According to en.wikipedia. org./wiki/Irish_coffee, "Stanton Deleplane a travel writer for the San Francisco Chronicle brought Irish Coffee to the United States."

Coffeehouse Communication

Coffeehouses have inspired communication for generations. This exchange of ideas combined with the need for information has inspired worldwide progress. London's coffee houses were hubs for communication of all types."One of the ironies about coffee is it makes people think. It sort of creates egalitarian places--coffeehouses where people come together-and so the French Revolution and the American Revolution where planned in coffeehouses. On the other hand, the same coffee that was fueling the French Revolution was also being produced by African slaves who had been taken to San Domingo which we now know as Haiti." - Mark Pendegrist

Irish Coffee

5 out of 5 stars from 3 ratings of Irish Coffee

Irish Coffee Quote

"Only Irish Coffee provides in a signal glass all four essential food groups alcohol, caffine, sugar and fat." Alex Levine

Coffee House Quiz!

You can test your Coffee House knowledge

The name of quiz is: Quiz Can You Speak Coffee Talk. It is fun to test your coffeehouse .knowledge

Coffeehouses Time Well Spent

Do you use WiFi at coffee shops?

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