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Holiday Gift Basket Ideas for Cooking Enthusiasts

Updated on October 31, 2010

People who love to cook are really easy to shop for during the holidays. Cooking enthusiasts can never have too many kitchen gadgets, spices and oils, cookbooks, utensils, etc. Even if you have a foodie on your list who has every gadget ever invented, you can always bring a smile to his or her face with a great new type of cooking oil or hot sauce, or a unique food gift basket.

One of the best things you can do for the cooking gurus on your holiday shopping list is to purchase an inexpensive wicker basket or a big mixing bowl and fill it up with cooking implements, spices, sauces, and other delicious items that can be used to create great meals. The lucky recipient will be so excited that you'll probably be invited to dinner when it's time to try out the basket contents.

Creative Gift Basket Ideas

What to Put in Gift Baskets

There are many different ways to create gift baskets. Themed baskets are always fun. The ideas listed below might be just what you are looking for, or they may inspire you to come up with a unique basket for a special someone on your shopping list this year.

Hot Sauce Gift Basket Ideas:

Anyone who loves preparing spicy foods will be thrilled to receive a goodie basket full of different types of hot sauce and spicy seasoning mixes. Throw in a few chili pepper themed oven mitts and kitchen towels, and you'll bring a huge smile to the face of the lucky person who gets this great gift.

Barbecue Enthusiast Gift Basket:

Individuals who enjoy grilling will be thrilled with a gift basket outfitted with different kinds of barbecue sauce, marinades, and dry rubs. Toss in a meat thermometer, a basting brush, and a grilling mitt. If you're feeling really generous, top it off with a "Kiss the Cook" apron. Your gift will be greatly appreciated, and you'll likely get to enjoy the results of many great grilling experiments.

Dessert Gift Basket:

Those who are baking gurus will be thrilled to receive a mixing bowl full of baking supplies. Ideas for filling a baking goodie basket include high quality flour, baking chocolate, extracts and other flavorings, nuts, and dried fruit. People who love making desserts can never have too many spatulas, whisks, measuring cups, or cookbooks, so you may want to include some of these in your gift package. You might even want to add some disposable bake ware, just as a subtle hint that you might like to taste the goodies created from your gift.

The Perfect Gift

The person who receives a gift basket customized to his or her cooking interests will be thrilled with both the contents and the thought that went into selecting such a unique and personal gift.


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  • profile image

    Tom  8 years ago

    This theme gift basket would an good idea for those who love to cook, as all know there a a lot men that love to not only barbecue but cook indoors,I'm one of these guys who enjoy coking for my family. I wish someone buys me a Cook gift basket theme basket for Christmas.

  • alex09 profile image

    alex09 9 years ago


    I liked ur hub to read. There are really good info about gift basket.

    thanks... :)