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Homemade Granola, Hummus and Flatbread

Updated on October 14, 2014

Hummus, Granola, Flatbread

I've recently been inspired to start making my own foods because of a close friend of mine who loves to cook! I enjoy cooking as well, however I do not have a very well equipped kitchen... nor the time on regular weekdays. That's why you will notice that when I pick recipes to make, they involve few steps, ingredients, and basic kitchen utensils!

One of my favorite snacks to eat is hummus dip. I've tried making hummus dip without tahini, and simply with ingredients at home such as chickpeas, lemon, garlic, and olive oil but I think tahini really is key when trying to make the perfect hummus - exactly like the way you would buy it at the grocery store.

For the hummus in my blog, I took it step by step identical to the recipe from Joanne at Inspired Taste . The only difference between what I did and Joanne's recipe was:

  1. I did not add cumin or paprika (remember, I work with exactly what I have available in the pantry!)
  2. Because I have a small food processor, I cut the recipe in half to make-do with the food processor size that I have and made the recipe twice :)

All I can say is that this recipe is deeelicious! It tastes just as good (better) than store bought hummus, and costs half the price! A typical 250mL jar of hummus at the store costs about $2.99, or $4.99 for 500mL. This recipe cost me: $0.99 chick peas, $1 tahini, $0.50 lemon = $2.50 (as I already had oil and garlic at home to make use of).

Of course, what is hummus without a bread for dipping! That's where I stumbled across a recipe from Chewoutloud. This flatbread tasted exactly like the bread you would buy at your grocery store for $3.99 or $4.99. With this recipe, it probably cost me about $1.50 using all the ingredients I had available at home! The only differences with this recipe when I made it:

  1. I only used one type of all-purpose flour instead of both whole wheat and bread flour
  2. Instead of plain yogurt, I made use of a cup of coconut greek yogurt I had in the fridge since I don't typically buy plain yogurt.
  3. No garlic powder at home so none of that on my bread!
  4. Instead of using a cast iron pan, as per recipe, I used a typical metal pan that I have (as yes again, I do not own a cast iron pan). I can't say how it would taste if it was cooked on the cast iron, but I can tell you that my flatbread turned out still with the perfect consistency

Once again, the bread turned out great and perfectly complimented the hummus I made! Mmm mmm good!

Last but not least, I tried out Alton's recipe from the Food Network for some simple granola. SO easy to make, and SO healthy AND much cheaper than purchasing granola at the store (plus you know exactly what you have put in it :) Granola at store - $5.99 for regular cereal sized box. Made at home - $2.50 to make it my way! A few alterations to the recipe:

  1. No maple syrup at home so I substituted for some splashes of vanilla extract
  2. Instead of raisins, I used dried cranberries - I think any dried fruit would go

This tastes great on its own, or with milk for breakfast or also with yogurt.

Let me know if you have tried any of these recipes and the outcome you had. Delicious, simply, and nutritious.


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