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Homespun Guide To Natural Remedies With The Use Of Honey.

Updated on July 20, 2015

Manuka Honey Health Benefits

Honey is the nectar and saccharine exudation of plants, gathered, modified and stored as honey in the comb by honey bees. Honey may have different colours as it could be almost white amber or dark according to the plant source. Pure honey does not spoil. It keeps forever when kept under suitable condition.


Naturally, honey is a delicious wholesome health food. It is highly recommended for daily use on bread, tea, yam and so on. Honey can be used as food to build up the body. History has it that Pythagoras in his heyday persuaded his followers to eat much honey and bread and insisted that this be accompanied by vegetables and nuts. In 1944 a scientist named Heydak lived on honey and milk for a period of three months. He used to take 3 tablespoonful of honey and a quart of milk 3 times daily. And surprisingly he was found to maintain his normal weight and stamina. He had a slight rise in hemoglobin content of the blood.


Carbohydrate is the primary fuel of muscles and honey is the most easily digested form of carbohydrate and one which can be assimilated into the blood stream directly without going through any complicated processes of digestion. Just add 2 tablespoonful of honey to half glass of warm water. It is indeed an energy booster.


Daily intake of one tablespoonful of honey will improve hemoglobin formation. Better still, you may add fruit juice to honey and drink before going to bed. The resultant effect is that it purifies the blood by osmotic pressure, soothes the nerve for a sound and perfect sleep as it eases the tension.


High Blood Pressure: Manuka honey is quite good for all types of high blood pressure. It acts as a pure regulator in cases of low blood pressure. You can add garlic with honey for this purpose.

Cold and Coughs: Honey contains vitamin C which helps to prevent cold. The synergy achieved when honey is added to lime and lemon for cough treatment cannot be over-emphasized.

Kids: Constant feeding of children with honey will invariably improve growth and enhance sharper intellect.It makes them to grow faster and remain strong and healthier.

Bed-Wetting: This is a naturally effective and inexpensive way to treat bed-wetting kids. This can be done by giving the kid a teaspoonful of honey when going to bed. Honey will act as sedative to nervous system which will hold fluid during the hours of sleeping. You may give this a try-out and observe the conditions just in few weeks.

Burns and Wounds: Burns or wounds treated with Manuka honey heals without ugly scars. Its bactericidal action has been known to treat most skin infections.

Hair Treatment: Two tablespoonful of honey and egg yolk mixed and applied to hair as cold conditioner before shampoo is a remarkable remedy for weak hair. The result can be perfectly amazing as this will enhance thicker and faster hair growth as it prevents hair breakage.

Ear Infection: It is a good panacea for ear infections. Just add a drop in the ear with a piece of cotton-bud.

Chronic Kidney Inflation: Honey increases the kidney deposit of glycogen by increasing glucose in the blood.With this, that helps the kidney to function properly.

Skin Problem: The osmotic pressure of honey renders it practically valuable as a therapeutic agent in the treatment of measles, small pox and chicken pox. It prevents ugly scars which show up after an attack of the ailment. Also, a tea spoonful of Manuka honey and albumen of an egg when mixed together is a good facial mask that softens pimples and clear the spots in less than no time.

Pregnant Women: Daily intake of Manuka honey will actually improve their health and it also makes their babies come out with a remarkable skin and beautiful hair.

Virility: By taking Manuka honey regularly, you will remain virile in to your 80's and possibly beyond.

Heart Cleansing: Add honey, garlic, red and white ginger and lemon juice together. Take two teaspoonful first thing in the morning before breakfast.

Asthma: By mixing lemon, castor oil, white fluid of snail with honey, this will reduce asthma attack and continuous usage may permanently cure asthma.

Alcohol Intoxication: The combination of honey with lemon orange juice will clear off most of the morning after-effect symptoms of alcoholic hangover like tiredness, headaches, restlessness and what have you. The fructose content of honey is quite good for the elimination of alcohol from the body.

Lose Weight Naturally: Take two tablespoonful of honey just about 10-15 minutes before each meal. Fats and Sugar are both carbon containing and energy producing food which burn up by contact with oxygen and create energy.


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    • profile image

      benjamin obat 5 years ago


    • Treasure Tweet profile image

      Treasure Tweet 6 years ago from United Kingdom

      Thanks a lot for stopping by,Erin Eisenman...and your vital comment and testimony on the use of honey.Aside from that,kudos to you as beekeepers have been found to live long-even beyond 100 years,but not just that,but more importantly,they live in perfect health.How I wish I were you...!.Even if a butterfly ''flies at me'',I'll flinch let alone,do enjoy more use of honey.I appreciate you.

    • Erin Eisenman profile image

      Erin Eisenman 6 years ago from Montana

      We raise bees and use a lot of honey! We mix honey and apple cider vinegar together to fight colds and it works amazingly! I really liked some of your other uses and am anxious to try some of those too! Informative article!

    • Treasure Tweet profile image

      Treasure Tweet 6 years ago from United Kingdom

      Hallo jagandelight,

      Delightful comment here,you gave!.You are great.Honey has a wealth of God-given curative power.It is even recommended in the Holy Bible - Jer. 41:8,Luke 24:42-43,Prov.24:13.Just give it a try-out and see how amazing this is!-Thanks a million.

    • jagandelight profile image

      jagandelight 6 years ago from Florida

      hey Treasure Tweet, I enjoy reading this hub on honey, I am going to try a couple of these remedies. Keep writing, you are good.

    • Treasure Tweet profile image

      Treasure Tweet 6 years ago from United Kingdom

      I gladly appreciate your visiting and comment.


    • Research Analyst profile image

      Research Analyst 6 years ago

      Thanks, I look forward to reading more of your hubs.