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Hot Dogs + A Recipe for Beans and Wieners

Updated on October 11, 2008
courtesy flickr
courtesy flickr

Bean & Wieners

When did you last you had a hot dog? The hot dog is right up there beside the hamburger when it comes to a food that we all know and that millions of us love. I am not talking about chicken dogs or the vegetarian versions which I have enjoyed.

I am talking about the all beef, ball park frank, the hot dog that tastes great at baseball games, picnics, sitting on a park bench or just about anywhere. The hot is the quintessential street food.

You can eat them on a stick or between a slice and two of bread but my favourite way is on an organic whole wheat bun, with sauerkraut, hot peppers, diced onions and mustard. However, I have also eaten hot dogs and peanut butter, cheese dogs, and have added diced tomatoes. The dill pickle belongs on the side not on the dog.

Hot dogs go great with cole slaw, French fries and something cold to drink.

Another way to enjoy your hot dog is in bean and wieners. Baked beans take on another dimension when you add sliced wieners to them. Next to mac and cheese, beans and wieners are one of the simplest hot meals to prepare.

Beans and wieners: Basic


1 can baked beans

2 all beef hot dogs sliced

1 small onion diced.

Dab butter


Put butter in sauce pot, heat until melted.

Add onion, cook 2 minutes

Add sliced hot dogs

Cook 2 minutes

Add beans

Heat and serve.

You can dress this basic version up with hot peppers, green peppers and celery if you want.


½ green pepper diced

1 medium stalk celery slice

Hot peppers to taste

Add celery and green peppers to sauce pot at the same time as you do the onions, then proceed as you would with the basic recipe.

You can also add sliced hot dogs to you basic mac and cheese or if you want something with a little more zing add hot peppers, green peppers, onions and celery, prepared the same way as you do to for the beans and wieners.


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