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How To Clean Your Grill Trays?

Updated on July 11, 2016

Grilled food is something that is my favorite. I like everything about grilled food, whether look or its taste. The problem with grilled food is that it's not easy to cook at home and if you prefer eating it from outside, you may have to spend several bucks after it. I often used to order it from the market but realized that ordering it very often was making a big hole in my monthly expenditures, and I needed a better alternative to enjoy it tastes at a minimal investment.

I thought of buying grill trays from the market that makes grilling easier and better experience. I invested after one of these trays and often cook grilled items at home. Again, there are certain problems with these trays. Especially the cleaning part. It is a real headache, I must say. You cannot leave them uncleaned and may also find cleaning them a mess. Though, there are ways to clean it without hassles.

You can continue having a great grilling experience only if you keep your grill clean and well maintained over a period of time. If you did steak marinade yesterday, and the leftovers are not cleaned, it will spoil the taste of lime-grilled tilapia that you are cooking today. The disposable grill trays have the option of use and throw, but when you invest well for a permanent grill, proper maintenance is a must. If the grill trays are not cleaned properly, the grated pieces will get coated with the previous layer of spices or may be melted cheese. Seafood recipes taste disastrous if you cook them on the uncleaned grill.

One way of keeping your grill clean is by cooking fish recipes like salmon on a foil placed above the grate; many disposable grill trays are also available in the market these days. They have holes at the bottom allowing the flames to cook the meat directly; thus you get the fresh grilled taste keeping a clean perspective intact as well. Some models have a wooden handle, and you can use them multiple times too. Here are some ways to clean your grill and get the best cooking flavors.

You can spray or rub the grill grates with light olive oil and coat it generously. It helps to keep away the meats from sticking, and the larger pieces do not get into the wire grill scrubber as well. After using it, you can scrub or brush the grate up and down with olive oil. Use a grill scraper or scrub brush and get rid of the remaining caked-on food and spice. Finally, wash your grate with water to see it nice and clean. Isn't it cool?

Just like disposable food trays, technology has gifted much more efficacies in your kitchen equipment. Some ovens have a self-cleaning mode; they allow you easy grill clean. All you need to do is remove the grate and the other metal equipment that have coats of grilled food and keep them on the oven racks. Switch on the self-cleaning feature; automatically the oven gets heated up to about 900 degrees Fahrenheit. This process ensures that every bit of foodstuff is taken off from your grill grate.

The final retreat is the basic idea of soap and water; end of the grilling season get your grill trays and place in a large sink for soaking in soap water. You can also use a plastic bin or washtub. Fill the container with warm soapy dish washing liquid. Let your grates soak for around two hours. The more it remains in the soapy water, the easier it will be to clean. After the soaking period, remove the grate and scrub it hard using a stiff wire brush and then let it dry. Avoid using any harsh chemicals. Many people tend to use bleach, or a chlorine powder which is quite dangerous as any part of it can stay on the grill if not cooked properly. Therefore, such a practice must be avoided to ensure healthy cooking experience on your grill tray. Prefer the cleaners that are chemical-free liquid soap and all-natural. You can easily get these cleaners from the market.

You just need to make little efforts to clean your grill trays. After all, cleaner the dishes, healthier and better gets your cooking experience.


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