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How To Cook Bacon In The Microwave

Updated on February 10, 2011

The aroma of bacon frying in a pan can be quite invigorating, but it can be very messy as well. As delicious as it is, someone has to clean up the greasy mess after breakfast has digested. Perhaps that's why so many of us prefer to eat breakfast out rather than cook it at home. Cook your bacon in the microwave. and let the paper towels soak up the grease before it splatters all over the kitchen.



  1. Line a microwave-safe plate with microwave-safe paper towels.
  2. Align the bacon slices on the paper towel lined plate.
  3. Place another microwave-safe paper towel on top of the bacon slices.

Cooking The Bacon

Cook the bacon in a microwave on high power (100%), according to the time chart below. Pause the microwave, and rearrange your bacon slices once about halfway through cooking time.

Important Note:

Some people like bacon crisp, while others prefer it a bit limp. Be sure to monitor the bacon, and stop the microwave when it has reached your desired texture. Also keep in mind that microwave cooking time may vary depending on the age and/or model of your microwave. The chart below is a guideline, but you may want to adjust the times to your specific needs. 

Bacon Cut 
Cooking Time 
2 slices 
2 to 3 minutes 
2 slices 
thick cut 
3 to 4 minutes 
4 slices 
3 to 4 1/2 minutes 
4 slices
thick cut
4 to 5 1/2 minutes
6 slices
4 to 5 minutes
6 slices
thick cut
4 1/2 to 6 minutes


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