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How To Grow Delicious Grapes?

Updated on October 5, 2015

How to Grow Delicious Grapes

Growing grapes is a rewarding use of your back yard garden space. To successfully grow your own grapes, you need to have these three things: the passion, the patience for it, a spot that gets full sun and some water. Passion and patience, because doesn’t bear fruits until about 3-4 years after planting it. Warm weather, because grapes are unable to grow in cold climates. And the ever important water. Also, another key factor is choosing the variety of grape that grows best in your area. You can ask for help from your local nurseries for this.

There are three types of grapes:

  • the table grape
  • the wine grape
  • the slipskin grapes

Once you decide which you want, you'll be ready to grow!

Glorious Grapes

Growing grapes can be so rewarding.
Growing grapes can be so rewarding. | Source

Growing Grapevine

A trellis is important to support climbing fines.
A trellis is important to support climbing fines. | Source

Growing Grapes Step By Step

  1. Find the ideal location. The best location to plant your stocks is in a sloping ground, where water drainage is very good. If the plants are in a location where the water can’t be drained, you may have problems with different grape diseases.The plants should be placed in a location where they are exposed fully to the sun because it is very good for the fruits.
  2. Prepare your soil by turning it, tilling and adding lots of organic matter. Grapes can also grow in rocky and sandy soils, but they'll do best in rich soil with plenty of nutrients.
  3. Purchase a rootstock from your local nursery that's best suited for your needs and your local climate.
  4. Keep that root stock moist! You should NEVER let it dry out. Soak the roots in a bucket of water but do not let it last for more than a day, or the roots will be damaged. If you plan to plant it after more than a day, dig a shallow hole in a moist ground and plant the stocks there temporarily.
  5. Plant the root stocks about 8-10 feet from each other.
  6. Immediately after planting, water the grapes. This helps very well in making the roots moist, which then aids the roots to be established in the soil. Keep watering the plant for a month or so.Remember that even though a well-drained soil is the best location, the young plant still needs a lot of water about a month after it was planted.
  7. 4. Because the roots of a single grape can spread to about 6 feet around the plant’s base, it is advisable to cultivate about 8 feet of soil around the plant.
  8. Keep an eye on it as it grows. One of the best indications of a healthy grapevine is its leaves. Healthy, dark green leaves indicate that the plants are receiving enough nutrients from the soil. If the leaves display otherwise, it is best to spread about a half-foot of compost around the plant base. This will make the soil richer, with more nutrients for the plant to get from.
  9. Build the trellis. The trellis can be made from iron, wood or PVC pipes with wires strung across it. It can also be made from a combination of these three materials.
  10. Train the trellis so that they will grow into the desired direction. To do this, you may need to move the vine often in its early months. Pruning the vine can also be very helpful. Once you have them growing into the right direction, it should be very easy to maintain.

Delicious Wine Grapes

A lovely crop to harvest.
A lovely crop to harvest. | Source

Do You Grow Grapes?

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Introduction to grape growing


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