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How To Make A Healthy Shrimp And Spinach Saute Dish

Updated on February 5, 2014
The finished Shrimp and Spinach dish.
The finished Shrimp and Spinach dish. | Source
The ingredients for shrimp and spinach saute
The ingredients for shrimp and spinach saute | Source
The onions and mushrooms
The onions and mushrooms | Source
Added the spinach
Added the spinach | Source
Now with the shrimp and cherry tomatoes
Now with the shrimp and cherry tomatoes | Source

Healthy All In One Skillet.

Shrimp and Spinach Saute is a dish I like to make for myself. It is really healthy and full of vitamins. I usually make this dish once a week for myself. Now with this recipe there is no set amount of ingredients. You decide how much you want to make. The shrimp I am using is pre cooked and frozen. I buy it by the bag, and I only take out what I need and un thaw it. So lets get started.

Shrimp And Spinach Saute


** Shrimp ( pre cooked) I usually use about 10 or 11 shrimp for this dish

** Fresh Spinach, ( baby spinach is best, and what I use)

** 1 Red Onion peeled an rough chopped ( or whatever kind you like)

** Fresh Mushrooms, sliced ( I buy them already sliced)

** Cherry Tomatoes, cut in half

** Fresh Garlic peeled and diced, to taste

** Olive oil for sauteing the veggies

** Salt and pepper to taste

Start by sauteing the onions until slightly soft, add the garlic and toss with the onions, next add the mushrooms, cook until they get slightly soft, next add the spinach, when that is wilted down a bit, add the shrimp and tomatoes, cook until the shrimp is heated threw it. And it's done, just that simple. If you want to add other veggies, like yellow squash and zucchini, that would be great to. I do when I have them on hand.

Shrimp Has Protein

If you eat at least 6 oz. of shrimp it will add more than 34 grams of protein to daily intake. You need to get enough protein in your diet, as it can help your body fight off illness. Also it will help keep the circulatory and respiratory systems functioning properly. You should Focus the diet on lean, healthy proteins, like shrimp. It can also help with weight loss. Shrimp also has Vitamin B-12. So if you add 6 oz of shrimp to a meal it will increase the daily intake of B-12. If there is a lack of B-12 in the diet it could lead to a deficiency, and may cause vision problems, muscle weakness, as well as other problems.

Iron is important and you need to have at least 4mgs of iron in your daily intake. So by eating 6 oz. of shrimp this will help get iron into you. Because If you don't get enough iron in the diet, you may become anemic, and this could lead to other health issues. There could be fatigue and shortness of breath. ions

We know that Shrimp are high in cholesterol, but this does not mean you should not eat them. Shrimp is low in fat.


My favorite! This vegetable is a powerhouse of wonderful nutrients. In just one cup of cooked spinach there is 5 grams of protein. Spinach is high in protein, and is one of the vegetables that have the highest protein around. Spinach is really high in vitamin A, and vitamin A will benefit the heart and prevents cholesterol from becoming oxidized in the body. Spinach is super high in vitamin K, which is really important, because it helps calcium to adhere to the bones, which makes them stronger. Spinach is a great source of folic acid. There is also vitamin C, and this benefits the heart by preventing cholesterol from becoming oxidized in the body. Spinach is also a good source of minerals. There are also 13 flavonids that will help cancer, and protect against memory loss, as well as help to prevent heart disease. Spinach is also a good source of fiber. And this is just in one cup of spinach.

I can’t say enough about the health benefits of Spinach, and it can help to improve your health!

It has Anti-Cancer & Anti-Inflammatory Antioxidants, because of at least a dozen different flavonoids compounds in the spinach which function as anti- cancer & anti- inflammatory agents. Just as carrots are good for the eyes so is spinach, as it nourishes the eyes. Reason being the carotenoids that are found in spinach protects the eyes against diseases like macular degeneration and cataracts. Spinach is also a wonderful source of vitamins A & C. So we have A,C,E & K vitamins, and they are really good for your skin, which can help with acne, psoriasis and eczema.

Spinach helps strengthens the bones, and contains twice the daily vitamin K needs, in just one cup of fresh or 1/6th cup cooked spinach. And with calcium & magnesium in the spinach it is important to maintain healthy bones. Spinach is the best green to eat! Try to incorporate it into the diet as much as possible. But use it up quickly.


Mushrooms are very low in calories. One cup of mushrooms has 15 calories, and 1 cup of Portobello mushrooms has just 22 calories.

Mushrooms are a fat free food, and is helpful if you want to lose some weight. Mushrooms have no cholesterol and with less than 1% of your daily value of sodium.

Mushrooms have plenty of vitamins and minerals. Just one cup of mushrooms has vitamins C, D, B6 & B12, also large doses of riboflavin, niacin and pantothenic acid. These vitamins with minerals, such as calcium, iron, potassium and selenium help to keep us fit & in good health.

Some health benefits from mushrooms are weight loss, as it is a lean protein.

Also vitamins C, B6 & B12 are found in mushrooms and are responsible for boosting your immune system. And this will help flush out toxins in your body that might compromise the immune system.

There is also fiber content in the mushrooms and it helps to lower bad cholesterol, while it is low in carbs content and can help regulate diabetes.


Onions are an excellent source of vitamin C, B6, biotin, chromium, calcium and dietary fiber. In addition, they contain good amounts of folic acid and vitamin B1 & vitamin K.

Just like garlic, onions have an enzyme called alliinase, which is released when the onion is cut or crushed and it will cause the eyes to water. Onions also contain large amounts of sulfur and are especially good for the liver.

Let’s talk about Quercitin, as this has been shown to thin the blood, and lower the cholesterol, ward off blood clots, help fight asthma, chronic bronchitis, hay fever, diabetes, and infections and is also linked to inhibiting human stomach cancer. Onions contain variety of sulfur compounds that will provide health benefits.

There is also vitamin C in onions, and is excellent at detoxifying the body, also is effective in removing lead, arsenic and cadmium. Increasing the consumption of onions can help rid the body of these harmful metals. Onions can help the heart as well.

Help keep your blood free from clots, make the most of the health benefits from onions. You should eat both raw and cooked.

Here are a few things that onions can do for you.

**Thins the blood

***Retard blood clotting

***Lowers blood cholesterol

***Lowers triglycerides

It can also Help with Cancer Prevention.

Onions also have a significant blood sugar-lowering action, even comparable to some prescription drugs.

Also Onions have been used to treat asthma. The action in asthma is due to its ability to inhibit the production of compounds that causes the bronchial muscle to spasm up and to relax the bronchial muscle.


So now let’s talk about why Garlic is so good for us.

** It Helps To Fights infections

** It Contains cancer-preventing chemicals

** It Helps Thins the blood

** It Helps To Reduces blood pressure, cholesterol, triglycerides

** It Stimulates the immune system

** It Prevents and relieves chronic bronchitis

** It Acts as an expectorant

** Let's think about a few of the health benefits that garlic offers:

Fights Infections:

Garlic destroys bacteria. The compound in garlic acts as an antibiotic is allicin & is formed when the garlic is crushed. Raw garlic is even more powerful than penicillin and tetracycline. Garlic is one of the very best healing foods you can eat for heart disease.It will lower the blood cholesterol & creates other blood changes, which are protective against heart disease, like thinning the blood & preventing embolism, which is isinternal blood clots.

Cherry Tomatoes:

They are bite sized miniature tomatoes, with lots of sweet flavor ,and they are just as nutritious a full sized tomato ,as well as very tasty. They have 1.3 grams of protein, as well as 1.8 grams of fiber & 20 milligrams of vitamin C in just 1 cup of cherry tomatoes, you will also get a good healthy dose of other great vitamins like B-6, vitamin A, and minerals that are essential for good health.

Well that's about it for one of my healthy dishes. I always feel good when I can use all fresh ingredients in a dish!


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    • lucybell21 profile imageAUTHOR

      Bonny OBrien 

      5 years ago from Troy, N.Y.

      Thank you shiningirisheyes! I really love to cook!

    • shiningirisheyes profile image

      Shining Irish Eyes 

      5 years ago from Upstate, New York

      Lucybell - I can tell by the choice of recipes you share, you are one hell of a great cook! I so enjoy receiving your recipes. Each one more delicious looking than the rest.

    • Vacation Trip profile image


      5 years ago from India

      This sounds delicious. Thanks for sharing.

    • My Cook Book profile image

      Dil Vil 

      5 years ago from India

      A Shrimp recipe with spinach. Healthy and tasty, good share. Thank you.


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