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How To Make Candy Flowers for Easter

Updated on February 22, 2010

Fun and Easy To Make Candy Flowers for Your Easter Basket

Looking for something different to spruce up that Easter basket? With a few easy-to-do tricks, made with packaged candies, you can create an Easter basket that's sure to please!

Candy Rose Buds

Candy Rose Buds

Candy flowers are easy to make! All it takes is a couple Hershey kisses and you can create a cute rose bud.

How to Make a Candy Rose Bud:

You will need:

candy kisses

clear tape

colored cellophane wrapping

wooden skewer

floral tape


Place the bottoms of two kisses together, and tape around candies to hold securely.

Cut about a 6” square out of colored or decorated cellophane paper. Place one of the pointed candy ends in the middle of the square. Wrap the cellophane around the kisses and twist.

Hold the cellophane wrapped kisses against the end of the skewer and wrap the floral tape (tightly) around the skewer. Continue wrapping the floral tape along the entire skewer.

Cut a piece of the ribbon, wrap it around the skewer and tie into a pretty bow. You can also cut leaves from craft foam or colored paper and attach to the skewer with hot glue.

Candy Flowers in a Clay Pot

Potted Candy Flowers

Candy flowers in a pot can be a perfect Easter basket for an adult, brighten someone's day, or say 'thank you.' It's an easy craft, and using pre-packaged candy makes this candy flower project quick and simple!

You'll need:

3-inch clay pot

green floral foam

wrapped candies and/or lollipops

wooden skewer

paint (if you want to paint designs on the pot)

If you choose to paint the pot, be sure it is dry before proceeding.

You can paint the wooden skewer green if you don't have floral tape on hand.

Cut a square big enough to fit into and above the edges of the pot, from colored cellophane. Cut a piece of floral foam to fit snuggly inside the pot. Put the foam inside the cellophane. If you don't have floral foam, the pot can be filled with marbles or small candies.

Individually wrapped candies can be attached to the wooden skewer with hot glue. Lollipops are also good candy to use as they already have a stick attached. Leaves can be cut from craft foam or paper and attached to the sticks to add additional dimension.

Push the wooden sticks into the foam. Once you have them arranged as you like, you can fill-in around them with Easter grass or tissue paper.

Candy Flowers in a Coffee Cup

Coffee Cup Flowers

A coffee cup filled with candy flowers could brighten a co-worker's day, or be the perfect touch for a coffee lover's gift.

You will need:

coffee cup

candy kisses or any individually wrapped candy

espresso beans

wooden skewers

floral tape

tissue or cellophane paper

streamer bows

Make candy rose buds (as shown above). Cut a 6-inch square from colored cellophane and wrap it around an assortment of espresso beans. Twist to secure and hold against one end of the wooden stick. Attach the espresso bean package to the skewer by tightly wrapping floral tape around the entire length. Embellish the wooden skewer by cutting leaves from craft foam or paper and glue along the wooden skewer. A piece of ribbon can also be tied around the base of the espresso bean package to add pazaaz.

Fill the coffee cut with tissue paper, or cellophane paper, and insert the candy flowers.

Use a pre-made streamer bow to add the final touch. Let the ribbon streamers cascade down the sides of the cup and wide through the candy flower stems.


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    • ivori profile image

      Barbara Eisenberg 8 years ago from Titusville

      Yep, if things aren't fun and easy, I don't do! LOL

    • carolina muscle profile image

      carolina muscle 8 years ago from Charlotte, North Carolina

      holey moley.. you make it sound easy!!