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How To Make Homemade Butter And Buttermilk In Less Than Ten Minutes

Updated on February 1, 2013
Magic moment of seperation
Magic moment of seperation
One way to seperate the butter and buttermilk
One way to seperate the butter and buttermilk
Butter anyone?
Butter anyone?

Old traditions are becoming lost in this society we live in now. So in my quest to learn all there is to know about old ways, I had a thought about butter. I think we have all heard or seen the old butter churns that woman would spend hours with the wooden paddle inside churning up butter, so one would think it takes forever. Thanks to modern inventions, we can all make our own butter at home in as little as ten minutes with just a hand mixer and some heavy cream or whipping cream.

We all know that we can whip cream into whipped cream (thus the name) but if you only whip it a little longer it will actually separate and make butter and buttermilk. So here is how.

First find you some heavy cream , whipping cream or even something called manufacturer cream with at least 35% fat content. Next find a deep bowl and get your beaters out. Starting on about medium to medium high, get to work on the cream and let the beaters do their work. Unlike with whipping cream, you really don’t need to freeze your bowl or your beaters, this will not help.

After it turns to whip cream, just continue for another couple of minutes on the same speed. It will start to look like a thick frosting and the first time I did it, I thought it would never turn. So while those thoughts are going through your head, just keep on swirling in slow circular motions. Finally, you will see a break in the thick mixture and you will see a bit of moisture on the bottom of the bowl, rejoice you are almost there.

Once you see the moisture, you will want to turn the beaters down low and watch the magic. Within a minute or so the butter and buttermilk will separate completely and will probably gum up your beaters. If it gets too bad, just pull the beaters up and turn on high for a minute to clear it out. I like to pour out the buttermilk as it collects to not let it remix. This is also a good time to add a little salt is you want, you can always add more so start with just a bit and taste it to see.

Some people like to form the butter and rinse off the remaining buttermilk to let it stay longer, however it never last long enough to go bad in my house, so I just scoop it out and refrigerate. Make some biscuits with your buttermilk and enjoy your “hard-earned” butter with your family and friends. If yours are like mine, well they just may be amazed at how easy it really is.

If you don't have a hand mixer, never fear you can use about anything to get the same result. I have heard of people using food processors, dtand mixers, mason jars and even a hand whisk to get the job done, although the last two methods will take longer and the first two will be faster. So take a few minutes and make some butter!


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