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How To Make Homemade Fondant Recipe

Updated on February 17, 2011

Make Your Own Fondant at Home with this Recipe!

So cake baking is getting more and more popular with people. Everyone is discovering the exciting feeling of creating your own cake. And this is super easy to do with cake fondant. You can make a cake topping design of anything you like. One of my friends has mode tons of different cakes from XBOX 360 cakes to coffee spilling on your keyboard cakes. It is so easy to mold the fondant into anything you want. It is like play-doh!


I never really knew about fondant before. I found out about it when I watched a show on cakes. There are a lot of shows popping up about make cakes, and they have huge audiences. But when I saw how fun it was to create those elaborate cakes, I wanted to make one myself but I didn't know where I could find this new found fondant. So I looked for a way I could do it myself at home. All that fondant is mostly composed of is some type of icing sugar. It is a cake topping and is used instead of or in conjunction with actual icing. I found a way to make my own homemade fondant.  This homemade fondant recipe is pretty popular and you may find different version of it, but I just made my own for your own small cake homemade fondant projects.

Marshmallow Fondant!

Who knew you could use marshmallows to make fondant. It's super sweet and tastes really good already. So it is perfect for using as a cake or cupcake topping. A lot of the people I tell this information too say that they didn't know either and it has opened some new ideas to them. It's pretty simple to make it yourself and anyone can do it. And it can be fun to! If you like kneading.

To make your own homemade fondant, you will need a pack of marshmallows and a pack of icing sugar. You can adjust the amounts of each by how much fondant you want to make. One pack of marshmallows way more that enough to make a couple cakes but I don't know how much you will plan to use. Now there are many tutorials and guides you can find on how to do this, but after all my own research, I followed my own easy to follow recipe on making your own homemade fondant. I didn't want to complicated anything because it is a really simple and fun process. And it tastes so good!  Enjoy your homemade fondant!

My Homemade Fondant Recipe

1. Put and entire pack of marshmallows in a bowl.

2. Put a few table spoons of water in the bowl and mix the marshmallows until they are all wet.

3. Clear a space on the table or counter. This is where you will be kneading the dough.

4. Dust the kneading area with icing sugar.

5. Now put the bowl of marshmallows in the microwave. Put it on about 1 minute. But you are not going to let it go all the way down at first.

6. Watch the marshmallows and when they start to melt all over the majority of marshmallows, take them out and stir. This should happen at around 30 seconds. The first stir, you should be able to make a really chunky marshmallow paste.

7. Insert it again and watch it closely this time because you don't want to burn the paste.

8. Take it out as soon as it starts bubbling and you know it is all melted.

9. Now stir it until it is a nice smooth consistency.

10. Pour the paste over the counter with the icing sugar. Don't let it flow over the sides.

11. Pour some icing sugar on top and start kneading!

12. Knead continue adding icing sugar until it doesn't stick to the table/counter and doesn't stick to your hands.

13. Once you have a nice sugary dough. Taste it. It tastes awesome.

14. Now put it into a bowl and cover it up with plastic wrap. Put it in the fridge. For best results leave it in the fridge overnight. But you can use it as soon as it has cooled down.

15. Once your dough is ready to be molded, make sure you have your creative mind to make a really nice design!


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    • chspublish profile image

      chspublish 7 years ago from Ireland

      Hmm...homemade fondant is nice. However sometimes I get it wrong. Thanks for the hub.