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How To Make Homemade Fries

Updated on October 10, 2010

Homemade fries are possibly the most scrumptious food ever! Here's how to make them easily and deliciously:


+ Potatoes- medium sized (2 for each portion you want to make)

+ Tablespoon of Oil (either olive oil or vegetable),

+ Salt and Vinegar

+ Ketchup


+ Oven set to 180degrees (or gas mark 4-5)

+ Oven tray

+ Potato peeler or sharp knife (to peel)

+ Sharp knife (to cut potatoes)

+ Chopping Board

+Oven gloves

+ Plate to serve it up in


a) Wash the potatoes by running them under the tap with cold water. This is necessary if you don't intend to peel the potatoes.

b) Peel the potatoes with either the sharp knife (be careful, slice away from yourself) or the potato peeler. Do this over the chopping board incase of getting the skin everywhere. If you want your fries to have the potato skin on, skip this step.

c) Throw the skins away. Cut the potatoes now by chopping them  in half length ways. Then turn them on the flat side, and cut along (still length ways) creating segment like shapes.

d) Make all the fries the same size, as they won't cook equally if not. If you prefer a different shape to the normal one, do this instead (you could get creative with shape cutters?).

e) Now, place the fries on the oven tray, pouring the oil over them.

f) Put the tray in the oven now, shut the door and leave for 25 minutes. Make sure you just move the fries around a little half way through cooking time (~ 12.5minutes).

g) Once cooked, using oven gloves remove the oven tray from the oven and serve up fries quickly to ensure there hot for eating.

h) Place on plate, add salt, vinegar and ketchup for taste, ENJOY!


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    • Silva Hayes profile image

      Silva Hayes 7 years ago from Spicewood, Texas

      I'm off to make these right now! I hope I'm right, that the 180 degrees converts to about 350 degrees F ... thanks!