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How To Put More Vegetables In Your Diet

Updated on August 26, 2012
A variety Of Vegetables
A variety Of Vegetables | Source

Sometimes it is a difficult thing to get the right amount of vegetables in your diet. Whether you follow the food guide or a specific diet, Atkins, etc. it is clear that meals should be heavy on vegetable and fruits and carry a lesser amount of meat, milk products and grains. Sometimes there can be aspects that hold back the amount of vegetables you eat like spoilage, unavailability at specific times of year, or we are just not thinking when we are at the grocery store. How often have we started preparing dinner and realized that there is no vegetable to use as a side dish then we crack open the TV dinners. This is not very healthy. This article is primarily to help come up with ideas for getting more vegetables in your diet and meals.

V8 Vegetable Juice

As many know different vegetables have different properties, some supply different groups of vitamins, are good for certain organs. Thus the need for so many vegetable servings per day. V8 vegetable juice is made from eight different types of vegetables hence the name. So it is an excellent source of vitamins and does the same as a prepared dish of vegetables. With a mixture of eight different vegetables you can be assured that you are getting a wide range of different vitamins that could normally only come from having eight different plates of different vegetables. Honestly it isn't so hard to prepare vegetables to begin with but going to the fridge and pouring a glass of V8 is that much simpler. It also helps to buy several jugs, they don't need to be refrigerated until open and will keep for some time without spoiling. It is also good as if you suddenly realize you have no vegetables you can simply pull out a jug to fill the void.

Vegetable Gardens

To keep the flow of fresh vegetables coming into your home take some time to plant some seeds. If you have a backyard, big or small, there are no excuses for not having a garden. If you only have an apartment this can be tricky but if you have anywhere that gets sunlight and you can place pots this is good enough. If planting a garden as pots check our article on garden in containers here. From experience plum tomatoes grow quickly and are very thick with tomatoes, they also endure difficult growing conditions. Lettuce grows quickly in a garden or even shallow pots. Jumbo carrots are also very durable if they don't grow to jumbo size they will still grow enough to eat. Radishes can grow quickly and they are very good for you. Yellow beans seem to be more resistant to bugs and potatoes are easily grown from another potato taken from a household bag.

Other Advice

Keep a shopping list and keep it high on vegetables. Explore options in the grocery aisle, there are many not so common imported vegetables that offer a high level of many vitamins. Keep in mind that the more vegetables you get into your diet the healthier you will be.


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